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Yacht Proposal in Dubai

Yacht Proposal in Dubai

Have you made up your mind and realized that she is the one you want to spend your entire life with? A yacht marriage proposal in Dubai with our yacht charter will definitely remain in your memories for a lifetime, being the perfect opportunity to pop the question and impress your love.

We specialize in offering personalized yacht charter services in Dubai, no matter the event you are planning. We can also help you arrange a marriage proposal on a yacht for rent up to the finest details.

Yacht proposal in Dubai – a unique and unforgettable moment

The marriage industry has become quite lucrative in the last few years, as many couples decide to get married, however, the same couples often forget one of the most important moments before the wedding and that is the proposal and the feeling when being asked and said the big ‘yes’.

 Quick Facts  
Suprise proposal on a yacht in Dubai  Our crew will maintain complete confidentiality and will not reveal the true intent of your booked yacht trip. 

Yacht dinner 

We can arrange your preferred catering options for a romantic dinner before the proposal. 

 Special menu/drinks

Upon request 

 Departure point Dubai Marina 

Cruise route example: Dubai Marina – Dubai Ferris Wheel – Atlantis The Palm – World Island – Burj Al Arab. 

 Personalized itinerary

You can discuss this beforehand with our team if you wish to sail past certain famous landmarks in Dubai. 


1 hour minimum, depending on the chosen route. 

 Day/Night proposal

Both day and night trips are available. Please see our team for details. 

Yacht model 

We have a wide range of luxury yachts to choose from. 

 Yacht capacity 10 people or more, depending on yacht size. 

Food & drinks, sunbathing deck, flybridge, lounge area, cabin bedrooms (depending on yacht model). 


Water sports, snorkeling, and others upon request. 

Cancelation policy 

 Free cancelation, subject to conditions.

 Advance booking

We recommend booking your yacht trip in advance, 1 month or more. 

Transport to/from Marina   Upon request
Estimated price  Prices can start at AED 650 (approx. USD 177) per hour. 

By choosing to propose on a yacht charter in Dubai, you will make sure the entire time between the proposal and the wedding is amazing. Choosing to propose to your beloved on a yacht is quite unique, especially when considering not everybody does that. Moreover, when you decide to propose in Dubai, the whole moment becomes unforgettable for the two of you.

Deciding for a yacht proposal in Dubai, you will have full control over the moment, the place you want to be and the additional details, such as drinks, music and so on, compared to a more traditional place, such as a restaurant. Also, most of the time, privacy is very important especially if you are shy and need more time to decide for the moment of the proposal. A relaxing cruise can help you unwind and propose to your significant other.

Step out of the ordinary with a yacht proposal in Dubai

Most marriage proposals involve restaurants and champagne, which has become quite ordinary in our days, but when you decide to propose on a yacht, you will definitely step out the ordinary and considering yacht charters are quite common in Dubai, renting a yacht for such an occasion won’t even cost you much more than if you decide to rent an entire restaurant for you and your future spouse.

Dubai is one of the most spectacular vacation destinations in the world and proposing on a yacht for rent during an amazing holiday can be part of your plans if you decide to pop the question.

The main benefits of proposing on a chartered yacht

A marriage proposal will be your special moment, which you will remember forever, which is why our yacht charter consultants in Dubai present you a few of the benefits of choosing to have this moment on a yacht:

  •           apart from feeling special, you will also be surrounded by luxury and feel spoiled;
  •           you will have the chance to stay close to shore and go to a restaurant to celebrate right after the proposal or go further and be surrounded by the blue waters of Dubai;
  •           intimacy is one of the keywords of a proposal and a yacht offers just that;
  •           a marriage proposal should be romantic, and nothing implies more romance than a yacht these days.

When choosing to propose on a yacht rented with us, you will be able to customize your experience with professional services.

Among the services we offer for your special yacht proposal in Dubai, we mention:

  1.           a professional crew which does not imply many members, but just enough to make you feel comfortable;
  2.           extra services, such as fine dining, a romantic set, and cabin decorated to your taste;
  3.           we can also bring a chef to cook for you and your other half;
  4.           you can also rent a yacht to crew yourself if you value privacy;
  5.           we have a wide range of yachts you can choose from, in accordance with your budget.

If you decide to rent a yacht with us, it is best to contact us ahead in order to plan exactly how you want to moment to happen. We can offer you some ideas and or you can come up with your own plan we can accommodate. Moreover, based on your ideas we can personalize the services we will offer you.

Proposing on a yacht can be stress-free if you decide to work with our yacht charter agents in Dubai who can make your every wish come true. We can arrange a romantic setting which will make you and your future bride very comfortable and relaxed. If you want to rent the yacht not only for that day but for the second day, we can make that happen.

Proposing on a yacht is a good idea not only for the rich but for everybody who wants to feel special, which is why all our yacht charter services are tailored to our clients’ budgets. Also, if you decided that the yacht proposal went just as you imagined, you can go ahead and plan to have your wedding on a yacht for rent in Dubai. Why not on the same yacht you proposed on, in order to complete the picture.

wedding on a yacht for rent in Dubai

Why propose on a yacht for rent in Dubai

Proposing on a yacht for rent in Dubai represents the most romantic way to ask your love to become your wife. Surrounded by the blue waters and amazing views, cruising along the Dubai skyline, surrounded by an attentive and discrete crew, what better way is there for you to pop the question?

Your future wife will certainly be impressed by the luxurious amenities and the fantastic natural décor. We will make sure to take care of all the details of your journey when you rent a yacht in Dubai with us so that your love can have your full attention.

Our staff will bring you ideas on how to make your journey a unique one, from decorations to the gourmet menu for your dinner and the champagne so that you will definitely receive the much expected “Yes” from the one that you love.

Among our decoration ideas when you rent a yacht in Dubai, the vessel can be decorated with beautiful flowers and candles. We will also make sure the setting is even more romantic by playing some of your favorite tracks on the state-of-the-art sound system of the yacht.

We, therefore, make sure we customize the yacht proposal journey in Dubai depending on your own wishes and special requests so that we create a lifetime memory to cherish for many years to come.

We invite you to watch a video about unique yacht proposals in Dubai:

The ideal setting for popping the question in Dubai

Our yacht proposal offers in Dubai will certainly impress your love beyond any expectations, being the ideal setting to prove your commitment and love to your future wife.

For an original and amazing proposal, you owe it to yourself to seriously consider a yacht proposal in Dubai

With our yacht charter in Dubai, we pride ourselves on our dedication to pleasing our clients and we work closely with each of them to make sure their experience with us will be an unforgettable one.

All future brides dream about being proposed by the love of their lives in a unique setting which will be remembered forever.

If you want to impress your future better half with an unforgettable, extraordinary and impressive proposal site, the solution is a proposal on a yacht for rent in Dubai.

We can arrange the yacht of your choice particularly to match your preferences and we can assist you so that you, together with your partner, will remember this event for an entire lifetime.

If you wish, we can come up with different proposal ideas and tips so that the evening will certainly be what your future wife has always dreamt of.

When it comes to the time spent onboard, you can choose a yacht proposal in Dubai with or without dinner service.

Upon your own request, you can enjoy an amazing proposal during a romantic dinner on one of our luxury yachts or while on an amazing yacht cruise during the day.

Also, you have the option of enjoying this special moment in intimacy, only the two of you or surrounded by friends. In this amazing, romantic setting such as the Coast of Dubai, the answer will definitely be the yes you have expected.

A moment to remember forever

We strongly believe that the ideal setting for a marriage proposal is a yacht for rent in Dubai. We are aware that the moments spent before and after asking the big question are just as important as the time when the question itself is being delivered.

marriage proposal cruise is one of our favorite journeys. We have hosted countless personalized engagements under our sails and we are confident we can offer the marriage proposal on a yacht in Dubai you have always dreamt of.

We will make sure to exceed your expectations and create a memorable moment that will be remembered by you and your fiancée for an entire lifetime.

We attentively organize the entire cruise and we make sure we entirely understand your requests so that the moments you will spend onboard will reflect your desires, as well as your devotion to your future wife.

Why rent a yacht in Dubai for your marriage proposal? Well, you can take advantage of:

• a unique scenery which is the natural surroundings of the splendiferous Dubai coast and of the Arabian Gulf;

• total privacy on one of our luxurious yachts;

• engagement photography, which can happen upon request. This way, you will be able to take part in an engagement photoshoot in real time;

• many other fun activities which you can engage in, like swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and many others.

How to choose the yacht for rent in Dubai

The yacht you choose for your proposal should be one that is suited to the number of people and your budget. Are you planning on spending more days? You should also choose based on the duration of the cruise.

The first question you should answer is whether or not you plan to rent a yacht in Dubai for a romantic getaway that will also include the proposal or do you want your family and friends to be there and witness your special moment? The number of people determines the number of en-suite cabins and bathrooms and how the social spaces will be used.

Next, you should decide whether or not you wish to have a luxury experience (that can include a spa, beauty room, massage room or a pool) or you simply need a smaller yacht that can properly accommodate you with no need for luxurious amenities.

These questions are useful as they will represent the basis for your search and will directly impact the cost per week (in most cases this is offered without expenses).

Some possible configurations for yacht hire in Dubai are outlined below:

  • a yacht for 12 guests: can accommodate individuals in 6 cabins and will have a crew of 7 or 8; the cabin configuration can consist of 1 master cabin, 1 VIP cabin, 2 twin cabins, 1 single cabin, and a convertible one; the length of a yacht with these specifications is around 40 m and the cruising speed can be around 13 knots;
  • a sailing yacht for 6 guests can be around 50 m in length with a cruising speed of 10 knots (lower for these types of vessels) and it can accommodate up to 6 guests in 3 rooms (a master suite and 2 twin cabins); a vessel such as this is also capable of carrying a crew of 7 or 8.

Apart from these specifications regarding the number of cabins, you should also decide if you prefer to rent a classic yacht. This is commonly the name for a vessel built between the 1920s and the 1970s from wood or steel. It is preferred by sea lovers because of its design, the craftsmanship of the woodworks and the nostalgia for a different age when sailing. This does not mean that classic yachts do not have a fitting luxury interior. The alternative is to choose between one of the available modern builds that are common among today’s luxury yachts or a neo-classic yacht, as some of those that combine the design of old with the technological advances of today.

If you wish to know more about other types of events that you can organize on a yacht, our team can answer your questions. Party yacht rental in Dubai is a popular choice because it allows the organizer to enjoy a very special celebration. Whether the party is for a birthday, a corporate party, or another type of celebration, such as a very special wedding anniversary party, our team can help you plan your event.

Facts about Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It is a city located roughly at sea level and it borders Abu Dhabi in the south. The city is famous for having reclaimed land from the sea in the form of a number of spectacular, man-made islands.

Some interesting facts are laid out below by our experts:

  • Total area: initially, Dubai had only 1,500 square miles of land, however, due to land reclamation now it has approximately 1,588 square miles;
  • Average temperatures: are quite high, with an average temperature around 37˚C; Between March and Mat the temperature remains lower, at approximately 33˚C in April; you can plan your yacht proposal in Dubai during the “cooler” months which are ideal for a summer vacation;
  • Palm Jumeirah: is one of the famous man-made islands, shaped like a palm tree; the entire project added 40 miles of beaches;
  • Coastline: the entire coastline of the United Arab Emirates is 1,318 kilometers or 819 miles.

Dubai is known for its strong economy that relied heavily on the oil industry. However, today only part of this emirate’s economy is based on this as real estate, trade and financial services have successfully developed. One of the business areas that have started to grow and have been doing so for some years is tourism. A modern metropolis, Dubai has a vibrant culture along with proud traditions and heritage. If you choose to plan a holiday in Dubai that will also include this very special proposal moment, you will be able to enjoy both a cruise at sea (for as long as you decide, just the two of you or together with friends and family) as well as shopping session and an immersive experience into local culture and cuisine.

During your trip to Dubai, you will not want to miss the Burj Kalifa, the Dubai Fountain, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Creek, Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, the Dubai Mall or the Dubai Desert. Among the most notable experiences, apart from taking a cruise on a yacht charter in Dubai, you can also try sandboarding in the desert, camel rides, sand buggy or quad bike rides.

With such interesting history and geography, as well as a beautiful shoreline and plenty of unique experiences in store for its visitors, Dubai can be the ideal location for a proposal not by the sea, but while cruising along the Persian Gulf.

If you would like us to arrange your marriage proposal on a yacht, please contact our yacht charter in Dubai.