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Yacht Cruise in Dubai

Yacht Cruise in Dubai

Yacht cruising in Dubai takes you along the blue waters of Dubai in elegance and style.

The yachts are spacious, with sophisticated amenities which make you enjoy every moment spent onboard together with your family and friends. From start to finish, the yacht cruise in Dubai is a journey of pure pleasure and delight.

The yacht cruise tour in Dubai

Yacht cruising in Dubai travels along the stunning Dubai coastline and out into the Arabian Gulf. As you journey along the outer crescent of the eighth Wonder of the World, the Palm Jumeirah Island, you can enjoy the stunning sight of “The Atlantis”, the prime resort on the Palm Jumeirah.

On the other side of Palm Jumeirah you have the chance to enjoy the beautiful sight of the world’s famous “Burj Al Arab” hotel, standing grandly on the coast. The cruise continues along the coastline near the astounding offshore World Islands, which were designed in the image of the world.

You can watch these architectural wonders from a close perspective, pampered in the comfort of the luxury yacht cruising and for sure you will fall in love with the panoramic coastline. 

You can rent a vessel not only for a cruise tour but also for a very special event, such as a yacht wedding in Dubai.

If you are interested in party yacht rental in Dubai, our team will answer your questions about the itinerary during the time you will be spending onboard. While you and your party guests will be enjoying your time, our captain will make sure that you enjoy the sight of some of the most iconic landmarks in Dubai. Make sure to reach out to us as soon as you decide to schedule a yacht party.

 Quick Facts  
 Types of vessels in Dubai 55 ft, 68 ft, 75 ft, 90 ft yachts
Number of guests Up to 18 for the 55 ft yacht, up to 25 for the 68 ft yacht, up to 33 for the 75 ft yacht

Included in the base price

Boat and crew
All-inclusive yacht cruise
in Dubai

Food, beverages, fuel and entertainment

Extra amenities

Jet skis, barbecue, onboard DJ and others are possible

Special services

Photographer and videographer upon request

Sightseeing yacht cruise One-hour minimum tour for experiencing
Dubai's iconic sights
Yacht dinner A short trip (approximately 2 hours) for a romantic dinner
Party yacht Birthday, anniversary or corporate day or
night-time parties in Dubai
Yachts for special events Wedding yacht cruise in Dubai
Day trip itinerary examples Dubai Marina, Atlantis The Palm, Burj Al Arab, the “The World” Islands and more
Yacht cruise activities in Dubai Fishing, diving, swimming, sunbathing,
pool (for luxury yachts)
When to book 3 – 6 months in advance
Estimated costs Can start at AED AED 2,000 for personalised day trips, depending on the chosen type of vessel
Reasons to book a yacht cruise in Dubai A truly memorable experience, excellent services, quality time with family and friends, a unique way to celebrate a milestone or important event

A memorable experience in Dubai

Are you prepared to live an entirely new yachting experience in Dubai? If you rent a yacht in Dubai, you will have the opportunity to witness a completely new side of the desert city. During the Dubai yacht cruise, you will travel through the astonishing and splendiferous views of the Dubai skyline and enjoy the crystal blue waters and wonderful white beaches.

What kind of yachting experience do you wish to enjoy? A yacht cruise in Dubai offers you the tranquil setting for parties or gatherings with your friends and family. We are confident that you will find the perfect surroundings for your type of event with our luxury yachts.

Our yachts vary in size, depending on the number of guests you plan to bring onboard and we offer affordable costs for yacht rental in Dubai. One example of an extraordinary vessel is the Black Pearl yacht in Dubai.

When you rent a yacht in Dubai with us, you will enjoy:

•    A ride on a word class yacht with a highly trained captain and crew;
•    Light refreshments during your cruise;
•    A memorable experience.

Some of the events you can charter a yacht for include:

  1. Wedding reception: you can choose to gather your closest friends and family on a yacht in Dubai for a truly unique wedding reception;
  2. Birthday party: celebrate your birthday in style with the help of your team; we will make sure that your yacht party is memorable;
  3. Corporate party: corporate events can be truly unique when companies decide to treat their key teams to a beautiful yacht cruise.

Sunset cruises are popular with tourists who have the option to see the city and its marvelous construction during the beautiful sunset light. Sightseeing the very popular landmarks, such as the Atlantis or the Palm islands, is included in these short, sunset trips.

You can also choose to rent a yacht in Dubai for a private event, such as a romantic dinner or for a proposal. A dinner cruise onboard a smaller yacht can present the perfect setting for popping the important question.

When discussing the options, clients will be informed of the number of crew members, as well as the onboard facilities.

For parties or events such as weddings, separate arrangements are made for a DJ, music, and entertainment.

These are just some examples of events for which you can rent a yacht in Dubai. Of course, a yacht cruise can be a one-of-kind idea for a vacation, especially when you choose a cruise that will allow you to discover the Emirates, as described below.

Sit back and relax on a yacht for rent in Dubai

Here, at our yacht charter in Dubai, we can offer some of the finest and most exclusive services when you intend to discover some of the most amazing places in the Arabian Gulf and in the entire world, actually.

With us, you can take part in activities such as deep sea fishing, cruising and just relaxing onboard while enjoying the marvelous sun.

Besides, you will be served some of the most delicious menus, you will take advantage of luxury services and you will be able to take photos of the splendiferous views of the Dubai Coast, which will all contribute to having an unforgettable time with us.

We offer a wide variety of personalized services and comforts, so that the moments you spend with us become fun, relaxing and peaceful while you cruise along the wonders of the Arabian Gulf.

Our luxury yachts feature spacious sun decks, seating areas, cozy indoor saloons, cabins and, upon request, you can have your own five stars chef prepare some of the most delicious meals for you and your loved ones. Some yacht cruises will also include fast Internet services.

Itinerary examples on your yacht cruise in Dubai

When planning your yacht cruise, you have the option to select the type of vessel, the time of day for day trips, or the duration of the trip for two-day cruises or more.

It is common for tourists to plan day trips, and included in these packages we can also list yachts rental suited for birthday parties, corporate events, or wedding receptions.

Nonetheless, visitors who plan on spending more time in Dubai can choose to rent a yacht for more than one day, perhaps even for several days.

For multi-day trips, the cruise can extend to Abu Dhabi or other locations. Our team presents a list of possible itineraries below. However, you should know that, if you choose to plan a yacht cruise in Dubai, this can easily become a memorable vacation.

Some examples of short tours include the following:

  • Atlantis view: a quick and beautiful day trip around the Atlantis, The Palm;
  • Burj al Arab tour: a longer tour that includes seeing The Palm, as well as the Burj Al Arab;
  • Musandam Khasab tour: a full-day trip from Dubai to Khasab, the capital of the Musandam Province, in Oman;
  • Arabian Peninsula: a multi-day trip starting from Dubai, to Muscat, the Emirate of Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and back to Dubai – an immersive and unique experience.

The itineraries listed above should be used as a general guideline. The day trips can be customized to meet the needs of our clients, and can include fast one-hour views of The Palm, or longer, one or two-hour trips to the Burj Al Arab, passing by the beautiful man-made islands.

For the full-day trips, arrangements are made for buffet lunches or dinners. Tourists who dream of a romantic yacht cruise in Dubai can make special arrangements for a unique catering experience.

For the longer, multi-day trip, the vacation is planned in advance, and our clients can discuss the exact itinerary based on their availability and particular wishes for visiting the United Arab Emirates. These longer trips include multiple activities, as the guests visit other cities during the six-day or more cruise.

Discussing your itinerary with a charter expert is advisable in all of these cases. If you wish to know more about your options for a yacht cruise in Dubai, you can reach out to our team.

Most of the cruises start from the Dubai Harbor, home to the largest marina in the area. In fact, the marina has three separate areas:

  • Harbor Marina, with 556 berths for yachts no larger than 40 meters;
  • Bay Marina, with 104 berths for superyachts of up to 160 meters;
  • Palm View Marina, with 38 berths for yachts of up to 70 meters.

For the abovementioned tours, additional options can include hotel drop-offs and pickups. The price for the yacht cruise in Dubai is discussed with one of our agents, as it can also include national park fees, in addition to the standard charter rates and the extra services.

Frequently asked questions

We advise all our clients to plan their yacht cruise in Dubai with us in advance so that we will be able to cater to their unique needs and options as best as possible.

If you have never been on a yacht in Dubai, it is only natural to have questions about the booking process and how your trip will be organized.

We answer some of the most frequent questions below and you can always contact us if you have different questions.

What types of boats are available for rent?

Our fleet is varied so that it can accommodate various budgets and numbers of people.

From luxury yachts to smaller vessels, you can reach out to our team to find out more about the types of vessels we offer for charter in Dubai.

If this is your first time on a yacht, you may wish to rent a smaller vessel. You can choose to keep it simple and rent a vessel suitable for a small family gathering or for an intimate group of friends.

Rest assured, even on a smaller yacht you will have room on the front deck for sunbathing, you will have a cocktail area and you will have access to many types of amenities, according to your chosen package (such as canoes, snorkeling equipment).

How much does it cost?

As seen in the table above, the costs can start at AED 2,000 (approximately EUR 520, USD 544 or GBP 444).

The prices vary according to the number of persons who choose to rent the yacht, the additional features, and the rental period.

If you choose to split the costs with your friends, the overall cost per person can be a low one and more than worth the investment.

How do I get to the Marina?

You can travel to the Dubai Marina on your own, or you can request the transfer from the airport to the marina or from your accommodation to the marina as part of our packages.

Our team will discuss the arrangements with you so that you may be able to be in the marina at the prescribed time, in the morning or evening.

Are there any special rules to follow?

You will go through a standard safety briefing that includes information about the layout of the yacht, the use of lifejackets, and any other specific information about safety, according to the activities you will engage in while onboard.

Certain areas of the vessel are reserved for the crew and captain. Guests will receive a proper indication to avoid entering the crew quarters and galley.

Additionally, you will receive instructions as to the types of shoes you can wear onboard. Certain footwear can leave scuffmarks on the deck. Therefore, guests can choose to remain barefoot or opt for boat shoes.

If you rent a yacht in Dubai for a longer trip, you will need to pre-assign the cabins. This can be done before the guests arrive on the boat.

Normally, smoking is prohibited inside the vessel.

Special rules apply in the case of pets.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Yes. When you charter a yacht with is you are free to bring your own food and drink, especially if you follow special or strict diets or if you rent the yacht for only a few hours.

Alternatively, you can allow our team to completely arrange your yacht cruise in Dubai and you can specify any foods that you wish to have or omit.

Some yachts have a BBQ option, therefore, taking this into account is advisable when deciding on the menu.

Complete services that also include catering are advisable for parties and corporate events.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with one of our agents as soon as you decide to book your trip.

No matter if you choose to cruise during the day or night, the panoramic views of Dubai will amaze you and you will have a marvelous time onboard.

If you would like to schedule a yacht cruise in Dubai, please contact us.