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Dinner Cruise on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai

Dinner Cruise on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai

Have a dinner cruise on a yacht for rent in Dubai for a unique time spent together with your loved ones. A yacht charter in Dubai is a great way to entertain and enjoy the fantastic water views of the city.

We can help you choose the right yacht for you, depending on your own needs and desires. With a dinner cruise onboard one of our yachts, you will have a wonderful time which will always be remembered dearly by your guests.

 Quick Facts  
 Best for Romantic getaways, anniversaries, marriage proposals


Best months to book the cruise


Generally during the winter months. You can book your dinner cruise on a yacht for rent in Dubai whenever you wish

Marina access

 Our team in Dubai can offer transfers to/from the airport/your accommodation and the marina
Type of vessel

48 ft yacht or luxury yacht, as well as larger vessels
of 53, 56, 78 or 84 ft

Duration 2 to 3 hours in most cases
Itinerary examples

Dubai Marina – Dubai Ferris Wheel – Atlantis The Palm – Burj al Arab – Marina
The sunset cruise is a popular choice

Number of people 2+
You can charter a larger vessel if you wish to book a family dinner as opposed to a romantic dinner


Special rules onboard Guests remain barefoot on deck or have special boat shoes
We do not recommend bringing pets aboard
Standard package for a dinner cruise on a yacht for rent in Dubai Buffet menu with a large assortment of foods (barbecue, seafood, vegetarian, special diets available) 
Additional options Unlimited drinks, 5-star menu, live music, etc.
Luxury dinner cruise on a yacht for rent in Dubai Complimentary cake, red carpet
When to book the cruise A few months in advance, if possible
Estimated costs for a dinner cruise in Dubai Can start at EUR 500 (AED 1,755)
Reasons to choose a yacht for rent in Dubai

You will enjoy a memorable experience together
Access to quality or premium services
Luxury yachts for a comfortable trip
Friendly and welcoming staff
Beautiful views of one of the most unique architectural constructions in the world

Assistance for booking a dinner cruise on a yacht
for rent in Dubai
Our team is happy to help you book your dinner cruise in Dubai and make all of the needed arrangements
Captain and crew   Included

 Private chef

 Yes, upon request

Special requirements for the chef 

We work with accomplished and passionate chefs, however, you may ask us more about the chef’s experience if you wish to do so. 

 Indoor dinner  In the yacht’s main salon
 Lounge area

The sky lounge and/or the sundeck 

Family dinner on a yacht in Dubai 

You can bring your family if you wish to have a special dinner in Dubai. 

Minimum age for children 

10 years, recommended, however, we can accommodate younger children (conditions can apply for their safety). 

Onboard safety measures 

A safety training briefing takes place after boarding. 

 Safety equipment 

Life jackets, fire extinguishers, and others. 

 Additional activities  Swimming (subject to weather conditions, as well as other issues such as the underwater currents in the area).
Dinner is served while sailing 

 Generally, yes. Depending on your itinerary, the captain will not stop (anchor) the ship but will make a continuous voyage.

Overnight sailing 

Please talk to our team if you would like to book a yacht charter overnight. 

 Dinner date change after reservation

 Possible in advance

 Cancelation policy

Free in most cases 

 Refund policy Depending on the number of days prior to the cruise date. Please ask our team for more details. 

What you can enjoy with a dinner cruise on a yacht for rent in Dubai

Our yacht charter in Dubai offers a wide variety of luxury vessels and we can host even larger dinners with hundreds of guests, as well as smaller ones comprised of only two.

Onboard our yachts, you will be delighted to find out that they are all equipped with TVs, roomy suites and sun decks which can be decorated for any type of dinner occasion.

As for the menu, no matter if you prefer Kosher, vegetarian, traditional, or themed dishes, our renowned chefs will take care of all your desires.

Types of yachts for rent in Dubai we recommend for this occasion

In order to have an unforgettable time while on a dinner cruise on a yacht for rent in Dubai, we recommend vessels from our fleet such as:

The 168 ft super yacht: designed by Benetti, this vessel has an interior that is finished with the highest standards of luxury and style, being built to achieve performance. It can accommodate up to 50 guests and it has six rooms;

The 37 ft yacht: built by Overmarine Group, this is a smaller vessel which is perfect for a dinner in two. It is great for sightseeing and it has an exquisite design. This yacht has two bedrooms and it can accommodate maximum of 10 guests;

125 ft corporate charter: it is perfect for bigger gatherings, being able to accommodate up to 200 guests. This vessel has a large deck, a roomy lounge or a bar on the sun deck and two other spacy areas provided with air conditioning with large windows. It has an ultra-modern home theatre and music system;

Dinner cruise on a dhow: our yacht charter in Dubai offers the perfect luxury dinner cruise on a classy dhow vessel. This way, you can enjoy a great dinner and cruise along the Dubai Creek or the Dubai Marina, where you can admire fantastic sights and have the time of your life!

You can watch the video below for more information:

Amenities onboard our yachts for rent in Dubai

We also provide full bars which are serving premium spirits, bathrooms, even dance floors if requested, as well as ample spaces for entertainment.

When you rent a yacht in Dubai with us for a dinner cruise, you can cruise smoothly on the Dubai waters for incredible views and photograph amazing places such as the Palm Jumeirah Island, the famous Burj Al Arab, the World Islands or the Dubai coast.

Before and after the dinner onboard, you will be able to relax together with your guests on the sky decks which are provided with comfortable lounge seating, cocktail tables and teak decking.

Here, you can continue to admire the sea views, socialize or dance all night to the music of your choice provided by our modern sound systems.

Additional options can include live music and special menus (food and dessert included).

The dinner cruise can be combined with a party organized on the same yacht, on a different day. If you want to rent a party yacht in Dubai, our team is here to help you choose the types of services and facilities that will allow you and your friends to enjoy a memorable time onboard. You can also reach out to us for a dinner party on a yacht.

Your yacht dinner in Dubai

Our Dubai yacht charter specialists will give you all of the needed details about your itinerary in advance. In fact, deciding the itinerary is one of the first steps, along with choosing the type of vessel.

For a one-day charter, like the one offered for a yacht dinner, you will have several options to choose from, all starting from the Dubai Marina.

Most dinner cruises start boarding at 6:30 PM and depart around 7 PM to ensure that the guests have a pleasant experience at sunset.

Itinerary examples include:

  • Dubai Marina – The Palm Islands – Atlantis – The Jumeirah Beach Residence;
  • Dubai Marina – Palm Jumeirah Lagoon – the famous Burj Al-Arab;
  • Dubai Marina – Ain Wheel – Jumeirah Beach Residence and Harbor.

Most dinner cruises have a duration of 1.5 hours.

For a complete experience, and one that will allow you to see all of the important landmarks, we recommend choosing a cruise with a duration of 2.5 hours.

More information about your dinner cruise is listed below:

  • The dinner cruise is available daily and you can receive an instant confirmation, provided that your chosen time slot is still available;
  • The dinner cruise boarding will usually commence 30 minutes before the departure from the Marina;
  • If you book in advance, you can cancel ahead of time; depending on how far ahead you cancel, you can benefit from a full refund; please check our refund and cancellation policy with our team;
  • Our staff, the captain, and the crew speak English.

If you plan on booking a dinner cruise in Dubai with your family, you can talk to our team about the available child-friendly options.

Sample menus for your yacht dinner in Dubai

Our team caters to the needs of guests who follow strict diets due to medical reasons, as well as those who are pretentious eaters.
We will help you choose a yacht menu in advance, based on your preferences.

Below, we list a sample menu for a yacht charter. Please keep in mind that the ideas are for information purposes only and should be used as a guide:

Italian dinner

  • Welcome drink (optional);
  • Appetizers: bruschetta, beef carpaccio, cheese, and meats selection:
  • Main course: choice between grilled lobster, pesto-crusted lamb medallions, seafood pasta, or other pasta varieties;
  • Dessert: panna cotta, tiramisu.

Asian dinner

  • Welcome drink (optional)
  • Appetizers: dumplings (varieties to choose from), baked fish cakes, sushi (varieties to choose from);
  • Main course: Choice between Hoisin duck, grilled prawn with noodle salad, spicy crispy pork belly with work fried greens;
  • Desert: coconut rice pudding.

Luxury menu options are also available, as well as buffet-style menus.

A dinner buffet can include a grill section, salads, pasta, rotisserie, ethnic cuisine (Indian, for example) and others.

You can choose the buffet option if the dinner cruise is perhaps shared with friends and family.

For romantic dinners, we recommend choosing an à la carte menu (where you can order individual dishes from the menu) or the special table d’hôte (the set menu, often used for luxury cruises with exquisite meals).

Because the dining experience is the main event of the cruise, we encourage our guests to reach out to our yacht charter experts in advance so that we can plan the menu knowing more about specific tastes and preferences. 

How to prepare for your yacht dinner in Dubai

First of all, we advise our clients to book their yacht dinner in advance if they wish to schedule this event for a very important date.

If the yacht dinner is a spontaneous decision while you are visiting Dubai, advance planning is not mandatory. However, because many vessels are booked in advance, when you plan a special dinner night in advance you will make sure that your desired date is available for booking.

If this is your first time on a yacht, you should know that you will be asked to follow a few rules. These are both for your safety, as well as to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone onboard.

The captain and crew know the vessel better than anyone. They will be the ones to ensure that you are informed of the general safety rules and that you have a very pleasurable experience onboard.

You will receive a safety briefing and orientation as soon as you come on board the vessel. The information about lifejackets and the layout of the yacht is important, and it is a mandatory step, just as when you fly on a commercial aircraft.

Certain areas of the boat, such as the crew quarters and the galley, are off-limits.

One of the most important rules on a yacht charter is the one concerning footwear. You will be asked to remain barefoot or use special boat shoes that are clean and have white soles so as not to damage or stain the deck.

In general, there is no smoking inside the cabins. A smoking area is usually designated on one of the outside decks.

Bringing your pets onboard is only permitted in some situations.

yacht cruise in Dubai, especially a dinner cruise, can be an unforgettable experience.

Observing the simple rules described above, as well as paying attention to any other essential information offered before you board the ship (and by the captain and crew once you are onboard) is important to ensure not only your safety but also your wellbeing. 

Dubai facts

Dubai is a global city, one that offers both business and investment opportunities (as the rest of the UAE), and one that is famous for architectural marvels.

When you book a dinner cruise on a yacht for rent in Dubai, you will have the chance to see some of the most famous buildings in the word.

Below, our team presents a list of facts about Dubai:

  • The city is everchanging, from mostly a desert approximately 20 years ago, to being filled with tourist attractions today;
  • It has the world’s tallest building, and one which you will be able to have beautiful views of when you are onboard the chosen yacht for a dinner cruise: the Burj Khalifa, standing 828 meters tall, with 163 floors;
  • There are more foreign nationals in Dubai than local UAE residents, with a percentage of foreign population of over 80%; however, obtaining citizenship is subject to a set of stringent requirements;
  • There is a good reason why so many businessmen and expats choose to live in Dubai: there are no personal income taxes in the United Arab Emirates;
  • You are not allowed to drink alcohol in public areas, however, you will not have to be mindful of this restriction on a yacht cruise;
  • Dubai’s richest show their love for luxury in many ways: for example, Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai, owns one of the largest yachts in the world, fitted for 115 people and measuring 162 meters; the approximate cost for this vessel was $400 million;
  • It seldom rains in Dubai, and the most suitable period to visit is from November thru April, as summer temperatures are hot, often exceeding 40 degrees Celsius;
  • When you visit, you should know that the time zone if GMT+4 and that the currency is AED (United Arab Emirates dirham); the official language is Arabic, but English is widely spoken.

In addition to the facts above, over the years Dubai also had one of the most ambitious and prestigious construction projects in the world: the Palm Islands (Palm Jumeirah).

No matter if you want to organize a private dinner, a family event, a social function, an office party or a corporate dinner, our yacht charter executives in Dubai are delighted to assist you in planning a unique day for you and your guests. Contact us now to discuss all the details!