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Professional Photo Shoot on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai

Professional Photo Shoot on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai

Are you looking for an original and amazing frame for your professional photo shoot? A yacht for rent in Dubai is the perfect setting, with a fantastic scenery and great lights and colors. With our yacht charter in Dubai, you can never go wrong with a professional photo shoot onboard one of our yachts.

Why a professional photoshoot with our yacht charter in Dubai?

The ocean has always been an amazing décor for photographers, offering endless sources of inspiration for renowned designers and fashion makers.

Our clients often come to us for professional photo shoots onboard one of our vessels because the setting can be chosen depending on each individual’s preferences and needs. Also, besides professional photo shoots, private persons or companies can record music videos on our exquisite vessels. 

Besides, when you rent a yacht in Dubai for a professional photo shoot, you can take advantage of the numerous amenities offered by our luxury vessels which will reflect an amazing vibe on the photographs to be taken.

Be it during the evening with the amazing Dubai skyline as a background, or during the day with the stunning sight of the Atlantis or the famous Burj Al Arab hotel, the natural décor of the Dubai coast and the Dubai Marina are the perfect surroundings for a fashion or presentation photo shoot.

We have been working with professional photographers and their teams for many years now, so we are aware that such an endeavor requires patience. 

Our experienced captains and crews know that such a trip must be taken with the highest safety in mind, while special maneuvering might be required in order to comply with the photo shoot requirements.

Why Dubai for your professional photoshoot?

Dubai is a major destination for luxury life and amenities, being one of the most amazing cities in the entire world.

The locations where you can shoot amazing and original pictures are endless, the weather is great, the beaches are golden and fine and the water is blue and calm.

Many professional photographers choose to shoot their pictures onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai and are extremely pleased with the outcome of their work.

A professional photo shoot can also be scheduled as part of your special birthday party or anniversary. If you want to rent a party yacht in Dubai, our team will not only take care of the arrangements concerning the vessel and the itinerary, but also about the amenities and extra features, such as having a professional photographer onboard who will capture the unique experience.

If you would like to have your photo shoot in Dubai, please contact our yacht charter representatives in Dubai to discuss with you all the options and to recommend you the most attractive locations where you can have fun and take amazing photos at the same time!