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Rent a Yacht in Dubai for your Corporate Conference

Rent a Yacht in Dubai for your Corporate Conference

Do you intend to organize a corporate conference and want your event to be original and special? A corporate conference held on our yacht charter in Dubai with a friendly crew, fantastic catering and complete conference facilities is the perfect option for the occasion.

Why rent a yacht in Dubai for your corporate conference with us?

When you rent a yacht in Dubai for your corporate conference, you can create those important connections with co-workers in order to collaborate more productively and become more prosperous in today’s ever-challenging business environment.

If you would like your corporate conference to be full of originality and excitement, there is no better choice than a cruise onboard a luxury yacht for rent in Dubai from our fleet. 

Starting with the first step you and your guests will make onboard, get ready to be pleased and feel comfortable with our special crew, our five-star services and attention to details which is put into organizing each corporate conference for our clients.

Onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai, you can have your corporate conference on the Dubai Marina coast and impress your team beyond expectations from the moment when they are picked up from the hotel to the very last moment spent onboard.

A personalized event on a yacht for rent in Dubai

Before anything else, our yacht charter representatives in Dubai will make sure to present you with different options in terms of the most suitable yacht for your corporate conference. We will guide and assist you in making the perfect choice for your event, so that you can have a successful and ever remembered conference which can last for an hour or the entire day.

All our luxury yachts are equipped with A/C and our staff members will arrange the space according to your own needs, such as a U-shape, classroom and boardroom plan. Our yachts also dispose of full outdoor decks for your employees and clients to be able to go out in the fresh air and view the astonishing sights of the Dubai coast.

What you can expect onboard

The luxurious yachts from our yacht charter fleet in Dubai are perfect for hosting different types of corporate conferences of various sizes, providing the full range of catering, visual and internet services required for such an event.

You can find numerous conference spaces which are available in office buildings in the center of the city, however, why not try something original and new, like renting a yacht in Dubai for your corporate conference?

Come onboard on a yacht for rent in Dubai and hold your conference in style, elegance and professionalism on the blue, calm waters of the Arabian Gulf.

A cruise onboard one of our luxury yachts is deemed to excite and impress everybody, ensuring that your event will be remembered for years and that it will be a successful one.

The Dubai coastline never ceases to amaze its visitors and a cruise on the Arabian Gulf will enable you to make the most of the city you love to live and work in.

Are you ready to be inspired, take advantage of a fresh perspective and truly appreciate the global metropolis that Dubai is? Then come onboard!

If you would like to have your corporate conference onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai, please get in touch with us

Renting a yacht is not only possible for a conference, but you can also choose this option for a corporate party. What better way to indulge your employees or collaborators than with a unique experience? A party yacht in Dubai can be chartered for any type of party, be it a private party for a birthday or a corporate party. Our team will take care of the arrangements and you can reach out to us for more details.