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Honeymoon Yacht Charter in Dubai

Honeymoon Yacht Charter in Dubai

If you have recently gotten married, we suggest you spend your honeymoon in one of the most intimate, luxurious and different surroundings: a luxury charter yacht in Dubai. You will have the chance to cruise along the Arabian Gulf and enjoy the amazing views of the Dubai shores. While you relish on the spectacular sunsets, admire the lights of the Dubai shoreline and enjoy some of the finest foods and drinks with your wife, we will make sure that your honeymoon yacht charter in Dubai will be memorable and unique.

With extensive experience in making people find and enjoy great vacations, most of all when it comes to special events such as honeymoons, our yacht charter agents in Dubai can help you select the right vessel for your vacation after the wedding.

Why a yacht charter in Dubai for your honeymoon?

yacht charter in Dubai is the ideal getaway for a honeymoon because it is intimate, with every aspect being customized for you and your partner’s desires and needs. You can enjoy gourmet cuisine, luxury accommodation and an experienced attending crew will make sure to create pure relaxation. You will be taken care of beyond expectations and you will be able to revel in the privacy that you need. We will organize all the aspects of your honeymoon yacht charter in Dubai, starting with food and music, to lighting and onboard activities.

Your chosen one definitely deserves a special, romantic getaway after you tied the knot. A luxury honeymoon yacht charter in Dubai is the ideal way to experience an unforgettable time with your partner. We will help you choose the luxury yacht for rent in Dubai from our fleet which best suits your needs so that you feel most comfortable and relaxed.

Types of honeymoon yacht charters in Dubai

There are two important types of yacht charters you can select with us for your honeymoon in Dubai. The first one is that of a crewed yacht charter, while the second one is a bareboat charter. It is important to understand that the second type of yacht charter addresses people who have manned yachts or other pleasure boats in the past. We can also provide you with some instructions if you decide for a honeymoon yacht charter vacation on your own, however, we can assure you that a crewed yacht charter can answer your needs and your privacy requirements just as much.

If you decide for a crewed yacht charter for your honeymoon vacation in Dubai, we will make sure that a minimum number of crew members will accompany you, just so you feel comfortable.

Also, if you want to surprise your spouse with a yacht charter vacation, we can help you arrange everything.

Do not hesitate to ask our yacht charter specialists in Dubai about the types of boats most suited for this type of vacation.

What are the most suitable places for a Dubai honeymoon vacation?

This is one of the first questions we get when people come to ask about honeymoon vacations in Dubai. We are happy to tell you that if you want to visit all these places you will need quite a long vacation. However, we can help you shorten your list with some of the most impressive sights you can have on one of our yachts for rent in Dubai.

Here is what you can visit during your honeymoon vacation in Dubai:

  1. Dubai Marina should definitely be on your list of places to visit during your honeymoon;
  2. Canal cruise can answer your needs of seeing some of the most spectacular places in Dubai;
  3. the Persian Gulf which is wonderful and can offer the so much needed privacy during a honeymoon vacation;
  4. the Marasari Canal which crosses the Persian Gulf all the way up to Burj Al Arab;
  5. Burj Al Arab where you can visit one of the greatest landmarks of the wonderful Dubai.

The truth is that there are plenty of places you can sail to onboard of one of our yacht charters in Dubai and in some of those travels you can discover new places and you can tell us about them. Or you can keep them to yourselves for the next yacht vacation in Dubai.

We can also recommend that you travel around the Gulf or dock in one place from where you can have access to other impressive locations.

yacht charter honeymoon in Dubai will offer you the freedom to do more things than staying put in one place, like a hotel for example. Also, you don’t need to worry about comfort: our yachts for rent in Dubai offer all the comfort you need and even more.

Advantages of a honeymoon yacht charter in Dubai

Renting a yacht in Dubai for your honeymoon is one of the most romantic and intimate experiences for a recently married couple. Onboard one of our exquisite yachts for rent in Dubai which was specially chosen by our representatives to suit your particular needs, desires, and requirements, you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere where you can spend time together enjoying the marvelous views of the Dubai Marina and the Arabian Gulf.

Away from the noises, hustle-bustle, and pollution of the modern cities, the newlyweds can have the opportunity to enjoy fun activities while onboard, like fishing, swimming in the blue ocean, having a romantic candlelit dinner prepared especially for them by a top chef, all in intimacy and privacy. However, our staff members are always at your disposal, making sure that you feel safe, comfortable, pampered and taken care of.

Go ahead, come on a special journey with your spouse along the Dubai coast, admire the sunset, one with some of the most delightful foods and wines. Our yacht charter in Dubai will ensure your luxury cruise with us will be one of the most memorable experiences ever!

To pinpoint only a few of the advantages of a honeymoon on a yacht charter in Dubai, we mention:

•    having an experienced private chef and crew who are always at your disposal;
•    the possibility to experience some of the most amazing surroundings of the Arabian Gulf without having to share your accommodation with other people;
•    a wide variety of activities on board, on water and underwater;
•    a charter which is exclusively customized to suit your desires and needs for your romantic honeymoon.

If you want to spend quality, romantic time with your partner, a honeymoon yacht charter in Dubai is the most suitable choice you could make: all your dreams and desires will become a reality in this honeymoon experience.

Amenities you can enjoy on your honeymoon in Dubai

Speaking about comfort, you can charter any type of yacht with us, depending on your mood and your idea of relaxation. We can offer you yachts which come with jacuzzi, sauna or steam rooms and even with swimming pools. We can also help you choose yachts with special dining places and we can even make sure that for one or two nights you have a chef to cook for you.

In order to not get bored, you can also enjoy jet skis and do some water sports such as scuba diving or fishing.

Our yacht charter specialists in Dubai can make some recommendations on the activities you can enjoy during a honeymoon on a yacht charter.

Never a dull moment on a yacht charter in Dubai

This is available not only for those who go on honeymoons with one of our yacht charters in Dubai but for everybody who wants to enjoy something different than the regular vacation. For those who have never been on a yacht vacation until now, the feeling will definitely be amazing.

If you decide to charter a yacht for your honeymoon in Dubai with us, you can personalize your package the way you want. From the number of days you want to spend on the yacht to the amenities and the number of crew members you want to have with you, we can help you select what’s more suitable for you.

Why visit Dubai?

Dubai is a great destination for a honeymoon, however, you can also come also here for a simple vacation, for a wedding or a city break and simply have a boat trip, which is one of the most popular attractions of this city.

According to VisitDubai.com, it is quite easy to arrive in Dubai as:

  • the Dubai International Airport ranks 1st in terms of travel hubs in the world;
  • the airport can handle a record number of 89.1 million passengers per year;
  • you can reach Dubai from more than 240 destinations from all over the world;
  • Dubai has links with countries from 6 continents through 90 airlines.

We kindly invite you to contact us to plan, schedule and organize your ideal honeymoon onboard one of our luxury yachts for rent in Dubai.