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Fishing Trip on a Yacht Charter in Dubai

Fishing Trip on a Yacht Charter in Dubai

fishing trip on a yacht charter in Dubai is a wonderful experience that attracts numerous tourists coming from the entire world.

Thought to be one of the greatest sailfish destinations internationally, Dubai is the ideal place to spend quality time with friends, family, coworkers, and business partners alike

Fantastic fishing trip with our yacht charter in Dubai

You and your guests can enjoy a fantastic experience while on a fishing trip with our yacht charter in Dubai. We dispose of luxurious, sporty luxury yachts for rentin our fleet in Dubai which are ideal for this type of activity.

When on a fishing trip with our yacht charter in Dubaithe journey will begin from the Dubai Marina. As the luxury yacht speeds up onto the open blue waters, you can admire the outstanding views of the Burj Al Arab, The Palm, the artificial amazing Palm Jumeirah, as well as the Word Islands.

 Quick Facts  
Type of fishing trip in Dubai  A private fishing trip for beginners and/or seasoned fishermen. 

Number of guests 

 8 in most cases

Boat characteristics 

Semi-shaded area, toilet, safety equipment, sonar, GPS. 

 Fishing trip with children Yes, we welcome children aboard (usually over 3 years of age). 
 Night fishing

Upon request 

 Species of fish you can catch in Dubai

Grouper, barracuda, king fish, tuna, many others. 


Experienced captain and crew 

Fishing equipment 

Full fishing equipment, including sonar and fish finder. 

 Fishing methods

Bait fishing, deep sea fishing, trolling, big game fishing, etc. 

Fish BBQ  Upon request, we can arrange a live grill of your catch! Services are subject to conditions, so please reach out to our Dubai yacht charter experts. 
Experience level 

No prior fishing experience is needed. 


Tourists do not need a licence to fish in Dubai; our boats are licensed as part of the regulations for fishing. 


Fishing gear, drinks, snacks. 

 Optional amenities

Catering (various food options), and other facilities as needed. 

 Fishing trip in Dubai duration 4-5 hours or more, depending on your chosen package. 

The Captain will take you then to reputed locations that are perfect for fishing, keeping you informed on the itinerary and entertaining you with tales of his past fishing experiences.

Having extensive experience in fishing in Dubai waters, we are aware of the best locations for fishing in the emirate. We also understand fish food as bait, seasons, weather, and time, as well as modern fishing methods, being considered by our clients as one of the most reputable companies that offer fishing trips on a yacht charter in Dubai.

Types of fishing on a yacht charter in Dubai

While on a fishing trip on our yacht charter in Dubai, we can arrange that you use special deep sea fishing methods which will help you make the biggest catch.

Our crew will assist you to reach great results in finding and catching different types of fish species characteristic of the region, such as kingfish, groupers, cobia, snappers, barracuda, and others.

When arriving at the fishing location, you will have the option to practice bottom fishing (deep sea fishing) and trolling (big game fishing) from sunrise until dawn. Upon request, we can arrange for night deep sea fishing with our yacht charter in Dubai, too.

When you book a fishing trip on a yacht charter in Dubai with us, you will have to:

  1. Select the number of people: do you want to organize a trip with all your fishing buddies or will you be joined by your family if you are fishing while on vacation?
  2. Choose the boat: the type of vessel is chosen according to the number of people and the duration of the fishing trip; smaller vessels are usually booked for this purpose, as opposed to a yacht party;
  3. Decide on the date: Dubai can be visited all year round, however, some of the best months for fishing are
  4. Let us do the rest: our team will take care of the arrangements and the extra amenities you have selected for your trip; we can also arrange for your pickup so that you can conveniently arrive at the Dubai Marina.

When you book your trip, we will also ask you to choose the duration. 4-hour fishing trips are common as this is the minimum time we recommend for this activity. You can also book trips with a 5-hour or 6-hour duration or more.

As a general rule, you will keep the catch.

Our standard packages include standard drinks, however, if you would also like to launch or dine while onboard, our team can arrange for a BBQ (subject to additional costs).

Our fishing packages are tailored to our client’s needs and take into account the level of experience, the number of people, and the type of fishing the fishermen are interested in.

Basic packages are designed for beginners or families with children who want to enjoy a fun experience together.

Experienced fishermen can discuss the yacht charter package in more detail with one of our dedicated agents.

You can also watch the video below for information:

Details about fishing in Dubai

Fishing is regulated in Dubai, meaning that non-residents can only engage in this practice through a licensed vendor who has the proper fishing license.

This is why booking a fishing trip with an experienced services provider, such as our team, is mandatory as interested tourists are prohibited from fishing on their own accord.

The United Arab Emirates has implemented clear rules on fishing for the purpose of banning illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing, as well as overfishing.

The following regulations for fishing are important:

  • The annual fishing calendar: for example, the fishing of shark species not subject to a fishing ban is not permitted in March, April, May and June and the fishing of sardines and anchovies is not permitted in July, August and September.
  • The minimum length of the fishes: 36 cm for the Farsh fish, 60 cm for the Sekal, 35 cm for the Senksar, 24 cm for the Safi and Yamah fish and others;
  • Restricted species: the list includes several species of sharks, rays, sawfishes (carpenter sharks, a family of rays), wedgefishes (rays of the family Rhinidae) or guitarfishes (also a family of rays, the Rhinobatidae).
  • Safe sailing: issues concerning boat lights, engines, spare fuel, the use of navigational devices and others; our team follows all these rules.

In addition to the requirements listed above, our yacht charter in Dubai team only sails with fishing boats that are properly licensed and registered with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

Our team observes all of these rules for fishing imposed by the Government, as well as the laws (Ministerial Decrees) that apply in this particular field.

Fishing is one of the most common types of activities to engage in while booking a yacht charter in Dubai, however, it is definitely not the only one.

Booking a fishing trip can be a relaxing option to spend a day if you are visiting the Emirates.

It is a suitable activity both for novices and for experienced fishers who will thus have the chance to fish in the Persian Gulf.

Our experienced team can help you schedule and organize a memorable yacht trip in Dubai, complete with fishing and other types of activities such as different water sports (jet skis or scuba diving).

General rules for yachting in Dubai

Is this your first time on a yacht in Dubai?

Yachting etiquette includes a set of rules and good practices aimed to allow all the participants on the board to have a good time.

The Captain is the one in charge and his word is final he will have authority over general conduct on the boat as well as the smooth running of the fishing trip.

He is also the one who will be aware of the best fishing spots and will instruct the crew as needed for the various activities onboard.

Some of the yacht charter rules you shouldn’t be aware of before your fishing trip in Dubai include the following:

  • authority onboard: you are to respect the authority of the Captain end the crew their aim is simply to help you have a smooth and enjoyable trip not to limit you in any way the goal is to keep you safe during fishing in Dubai;
  • listen to the safety briefing: directly related to the point above, you should listen to the safety briefings held at the start of the fishing trip; they include information about the use of life jackets and the general conduct in the unlikely event of an emergency;
  • wear appropriate footwear: this is a general rule for boating, however, if you have never been on a yacht before, you should know that you need special footwear for the boat in order to protect the yacht’s deck; you cannot wear heels or street shoes; you can also remain barefoot;
  • luggage: the space on the yacht is optimized; this means that it is best to bring soft luggage that can easily fit in the dedicated compartments, as opposed to hard case suitcases whenever possible;
  • other guests: the Captain will be informed of the number of total participants; this means that you will discuss the final number of guests on the fishing trip and will not make last-minute changes to the number of people.

If you have little or no experience sailing, seasickness could be an issue. If this is a concern, you can talk to our team beforehand, and we can recommend a number of over-the-counter medicines that could help you.

Our yacht trips in Dubai are designed to be pleasurable for your entire family. This means that we can also organize fishing trips for families with children of various ages.

We do not, however, recommend having your pets onboard. Exceptions can be made for well-trained ones or those who are already accustomed to being on a boat (such as in the case of dogs whose owners also have a boat, and they are used to being onboard).

Other yachting trips in Dubai

If you want to rent a yacht in Dubai, a fishing trip is not your only option.

The experience can be highly personalized, to be an absolutely unforgettable one.

Some of our other yacht trips in Dubai include the following:

  • Dinner on a yacht: a romantic dinner while sailing smoothly through the waters surrounding Dubai and enjoying the splendid views;
  • Yacht party: whether it is a birthday party or an anniversary, our team can help you schedule and organize a memorable celebration;
  • Corporate events: your team will appreciate a different type of corporate event, one that is onboard a yacht in Dubai;
  • Wedding/engagement party: our team knows that a wedding or an engagement is a very special event; we will help you schedule everything so that you can enjoy a beautiful experience onboard a yacht;
  • Family trips: children, as well as their parents, will be in awe of the beautiful man-made wonders around Dubai, such as Palm Island and others.

A fishing trip is undoubtedly a fun activity, however, you can also rent a party yacht in Dubai during which water sports and fishing will be the highlight of your activities. Together with our team, you will be able to rent a boat that will be suited for your desired number of guests (maybe your fishing buddies) and start the party activities once the fishing session is complete.

A fishing trip can also be included as an additional activity during a yacht trip in Dubai that is organized for other purposes.

Extra activities can also include scuba diving or jet skis. We do ask you to discuss these in advance with our team as special equipment and qualified instructors are needed for scuba diving. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a memorable fishing trip on a yacht charter in Dubai or for our other yachting packages.