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Services Offered by the Crew on a Yacht Charter in Dubai

Services Offered by the Crew on a Yacht Charter in Dubai

A vacation on a yacht for rent in Dubai is personalized to the needs of each of our clients. We take care of all details so that you have an exquisite experience onboard, from the finest bed linens to five-star service, all made possible with the help of an experienced crew. As follows, we would like to outline the role of the crew on a yacht charter in Dubai.

Members of the crew on a yacht charter in Dubai

Generally, the crew on a yacht charter in Dubai includes:

•    the yacht captain: he is responsible for the safety of everyone on the yacht for rent in Dubai, comprising of guests, as well as the other crew members. He has thorough navigation vessel operation skills. The yacht captain is extremely knowledgeable on safety sytems and codes and takes care of the well-being and security of all persons onboard the luxury vessel;
•    the steward or stewardess: he or she offers superior personal service to ensure you have a fantastic experience while travelling with our yacht charter in Dubai. He or she is responsible with arranging the meals, activities, drinks and delivers hospitality service;
•    the deckhand: this person ensures the exterior cleaning and maintenance onboard the vessel. He or she also performs deck activities, like stirring the vessel, being directed by the captain. They do have other responsibilities too, like operating tenders, assisting the captain and so on;
•    the chef: he or she plays a major role when you rent a luxury yacht in Dubai. He or she is an exceptional and extremely talented culinary specialist who meets the tastes of everyone onboard. 
•    other crew members. Our yacht charter executives in Dubai can offer more details on who these other crew members can be.

Who are the crew members on a luxury yacht for rent in Dubai?

The yacht charter crews in Dubai are comprised of experienced professionals in the industry who have been carefully selected. When on a yacht for rent in Dubai, it is important that the personalities of the crew members suit the specific of your event onboard. The crew plays an important role while onboard and most of the times make a huge difference for a successful experience. 

For more details about the services offered by the crew on a yacht for rent in Dubai, or to arrange your event with us, we invite you to get in touch with our yacht charter firm in Dubai.