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Yacht Charter Etiquette

Yacht Charter Etiquette

When you rent a yacht in Dubai, it is important to be aware of a certain yacht charter etiquette, so that everybody onboard – including the crew – has a good time and is safe while cruising with us. Here are a few tips on the yacht etiquette that you should be aware of before stepping on one of our vessels.

1.    Respect the crew on a yacht for rent in Dubai

Respecting the crew is one of the most important tips on yacht charter etiquette. All the members of our crews are educated persons who love the sea, cruising and socializing. 

They are extremely friendly, knowledgeable about the sea and the Dubai areas and they are happy to share their knowledge with you. 

2.    Shoes in the basket

Onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai, all the guests onboard will be provided with a shoe basket placed near the gangway or outside the salon door. 

And that is because street shoes can bring onboard dust, mud, dirt and other things which can damage the custom carpets and other luxury floors and floor coverings on the vessel.

It is a general custom for owners and luxury yacht captains to kindly ask their guests to leave the shoes at the door. This way, you will feel even cozier and more comfortable than ever!

3.    Showers and water when you rent a yacht in Dubai

All of our luxury yachts deposit enough fresh water for cooking, consumption and showers, as well as rinse-offs after taking a swim. 

The crew onboard the yacht for rent in Dubai will make sure to explain how to utilize marine showers and faucets. 

Another tip on the yacht charter etiquette is to keep in mind to use water economically by turning off the tap when you are soaping in the shower, brushing your teeth or washing your face.

4.    Offer the crew their privacy

With our yacht charter in Dubai, our guests are kindly requested to respect the crew’s intimacy. It is recommended not to go in the areas reserved for the crew unless previously invited.

On a luxury yacht, the kitchen, called a galley in nautical terms, is a restricted area where only the chefs should be permitted unless invited.

Our vessels are provided with mini-refrigerators in the guest zones where you can find plenty of your favorite fresh and cool drinks and snacks during the entire day.

You will also need to follow these etiquette rules when you decide to rent a party yacht in Dubai. You do not need to worry that your party will be hindered by excessive rules and uptight etiquette. The rules outlined herein are in the best interests of all participants, and first and foremost, are in place to ensure that everyone is safe while onboard the party yacht.

For more on the yacht charter etiquette, or if you would like to organize an event or a holiday with us, please contact our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.