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Rent 86ft Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Rent 86ft Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Renting a yacht in Dubai gives you the chance to experience the glitz and glamour of its cosmopolitan social environment and the ironic cultural history of the area. You can enjoy here experiences such as the festivities of Ramadam in Heritage Village, watching the dhows (a traditional boat made of wood) weave along the waterway.

General Description of the 86ft luxury yacht in Dubai 

The 86ft luxury yacht was selected with great care from the Gulf Craft yacht range. It is an adequately build, comfortable yacht with flawless finish. 

When you rent the 86ft luxury yacht in Dubai, you have the chance to take advantage of a yacht which was finished with a classy white top coat and the vastness of its opulent teak decking.

It disposes of an extra-large flybridge, which can be utilized as a reception space for your guests, offering fantastic views and landmarks during the whole cruise.

The flybridge also disposes of an integrated BBQ and comfy seating zone, where you, together with your guests, can enjoy enough space to unwind and have a sizzling barbeque, or enough space for dancing if you are thinking about having a party when renting the 86ft luxury yacht in Dubai.

The quality of this custom designed yacht was offered distinct attention, being able to deliver a classy atmosphere and a memorable journey which will definitely astound your guests.

The salon delivers plenty of room for rest and relaxation, capturing through its ample windows the emblematic views of the Gulf. You can choose to dine on the immaculate formal dinner table which can have 10 seats inside, or to eat informally outside on the two decks. If you are thinking about renting the 86ft luxury yacht in Dubai, it is important to know that it is fully prepared for entertaining with a full surround sound system, being ideal for parties.

An 86 ft vessel can be a perfect fit for hosting a party, and you will also benefit from a wide range of amenities. Renting a party yacht in Dubai is easier with the assistance of our experienced team. You can contact us if you want to start planning your party onboard an 86 ft vessel (or another type of yacht) and our team will make sure that your event will be an unforgettable experience.

More details about the 86ft luxury yacht in Dubai 

The 86ft luxury yacht in Dubai has the following technical details:

•    Yacht type: fishing, cruise, party;
•    Yacht size: 686 ft;
•    Brand name: Gulf Craft;
•    Crew: 4;
•    Rooms: 4;
•    Capacity: 40 guests;
•    BBQ: available;
•    Largest flybridge in Dubai;
•    Plasma screen TV;
•    Sunbathing deck;
•    50 speakers Bose surround sound system.

For more details about renting the 86ft luxury yacht in Dubai, please contact our yacht charter. We can assist you to plan your dream cruise, combining your individual needs with advice on the most suitable time to visit the exciting city of Dubai.