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Rent Majesty 135 ft Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Rent Majesty 135 ft Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Enjoy a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity onboard one of the most exclusive and luxurious yachts manufactured by Gulf Craft! When you rent the Majesty 135 ft Luxury Yacht in Dubai, you will be witness to a stunning success of elegance and engineering. This luxurious three deck luxury yacht for rent in Dubai will take you to a world of infinite comfort and outstanding design which is not comparable to anything you have ever experienced before.

Conveniences on board the Majesty 135 ft luxury yacht for rent in Dubai

The Majesty 135 ft luxury yacht in Dubai represents an outstanding luxury villa on water, with outer hull painting, fly-bridge layout and highly customizable interior design. The number and sizes of the cabins for the guests and crew can be established based on each client’s individual preferences. The color arrangements, finishings and fillings can be personalized based on every person’s desires, with extremely numerous possibilities.

Featuring ultramodern technology, the Majesty 135 ft yacht for rent in Dubai in endowed with advanced entertainment systems all over, as well as with plenty of space for all your holiday necessities. Furthermore, the whole superyacht is easily navigated through with an elevator onboard, so that you feel the most comfortable and secure while cruising on the Dubai Sea.

Further details for the Majesty 135 ft luxury yacht in Dubai

When you rent the Majesty 135 ft luxury yacht in Dubai, you can take advantage of technical details of this exquisite superyacht such as:

•    Builder: Majesty Yachts;
•    Naval architect: Gulf Craft;
•    Interior designer: Donald Starkey;
•    Guests: 10;
•    Cabins: 10;
•    Crew members: 7;
•    Length: 136.33 ft (41.6 m);
•    Beam: 26.8 ft (    8.14 m);
•    Speed: 25.00 Knots.

Designed by the reputable Donald Starkey, we are extremely pleased to present you with a unique experience in a floating palace onboard which you can pamper yourself in pure luxury. The goal is to create a personalized journey with outstanding elegance which is tailor-made to your own choices and preferences. 

You can party in style when you choose a luxury yacht to host your special event. Whether it is your birthday, a surprise birthday party for someone dear, or another special event, renting a party yacht in Dubai will allow you to book a truly memorable experience for yourself and your guests. You can talk more about your options according to the number of guests with our team of experts.

If you would like to rent the Majesty 135 ft luxury yacht in Dubai, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our yacht charter representatives in Dubai