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Hostess Services in Dubai

Hostess Services in Dubai

Discover unique experiences onboard our yacht charter in Dubai along the Dubai Marina with privileges which are set aside for the select exotic vacationist.

When renting a yacht in Dubai for corporate events, for a small extra charge, you can benefit from hostess services onboard, in order to cater to each of your and your guests’ wishes.

Duties of a hostess onboard a charter yacht in Dubai

Because there is always a great deal of work to be done on the yacht to make sure everything is ordered and your guests fully enjoy their private getaway, each task is carefully organized between the members of the crew so that everyone of them knows what his or her duties are. 

Hostess services in Dubai generally consist of making sure the yacht is clean and tidy and making the beds in the morning. If required, a hostess can also provide a chef’s duties, preparing great meals and breakfasts for everyone onboard, as well as serving drinks during the entire day if requested.

Additional duties of a hostess onboard in Dubai

Hostess services in Dubai can also include answering any of your guests’ questions and assisting them with any advice. A hostess is constantly communicating with everyone onboard and she can help with any type of problem you might have. Hostesses are educated and up to date with all recent events, so they can assist you, answer any questions and explain local habits and traditions.

When renting a yacht in Dubai for a corporate event, most likely you wish to have a private time away from the hustle bustle of the city while someone else is taking care of all the details to make sure you and your guests have a comfortable, wonderful time onboard. Hiring hostess services in Dubai for your corporate event onboard one of our luxury yachts for rent will ensure that happens.

Are you interested in more information about how you can host a party on a yacht? This can be a splendid idea to celebrate your birthday, a special occasion, or a corporate event. Party yacht rental in Dubai is easier with the help of our dedicated team who will make sure that your event will be memorable. You can reach out to us if you want to host a party in Dubai.

If you would like to hire hostess services in Dubai for your corporate event onboard one of our luxury yachts, please let us know. We would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have regarding this type of service.