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Rent Black Pearl 85 Yacht in Dubai

Rent Black Pearl 85 Yacht in Dubai

The Black Pearl 85 yacht for rent in Dubai is a great vessel for those who wish to have a wonderful experience onboard surrounded by luxury and ambiance.

This exquisite yacht has excellent interiors which have been designed for comfort and confer its fabulous looks. The Black Pearl 85 yacht in Dubai can accommodate a maximum of 30 guests in 3 staterooms composed of a master suite and 2 double cabins.

If you want to rent a yacht for your vacation in Dubai, our yacht charter agents are at your disposal with information about the services you can benefit from. If you are interested in renting the Black Pearl 85, do not hesitate to get in touch with our representatives right away.

Black Pearl 85 yacht in Dubai – main features

The Black Pearl yacht in Dubai is a luxurious model, designed to make your trip at sea a truly unique and unforgettable experience. It offers a wide range of amenities, and it was initially designed for divers seeking to explore the underwater world whilst not compromising any of the luxury features.

Below we list some of the features of the original model. Please keep in mind that the features can differ and the newer models can include additional amenities. Our yacht charter specialists in Dubai can give you precise details about the features includes on the Black Pearl yacht in Dubai that you will choose to rent.

On this jewel of the sea, you will enjoy:

  • Contemporary design: the yacht has a splendid interior design that blends gorgeous interiors with functionality; you will enjoy the luxury furnishings and the spaces that were designed to allow for versatile and pleasurable usage;
  • Outdoor features: the Black Pearl yacht in Dubai is a beauty inside and out; it features gorgeous outdoor spaces, including but not limited to a foredeck that will allow you to enjoy the splendid views on your trip;
  • A diving experience: the yacht can be fitted to provide for the most memorable of diving experiences; although the wonders of the sea will be enjoyed under the water, on board of the yacht tourists will have special chambers suited to meet all diving needs, including qualified divemasters as part of the crew if the yacht is rented specifically for this purpose;
  • Water toys: tourists who are not yet ready or cannot explore the wonders of the underwater world can still enjoy a number of amenities for other activities including fishing, water slides, kayaks or various inflatable toys (for adults and children alike).

The Black Pearl 85 yacht which is available for rent through our yacht charter in Dubai was built by Dubai Marine in 2007.

It has an 85 ft length with flybridge, rooms, suites, and cabins endowed with plush interiors and a cozy ambiance that is unparalleled by any other yacht.

This elegant yacht will host its guests making them feel more pampered than ever, allowing them to have the time of their life while taking part in an unforgettable experience.

Here, guests can relax and forget about the busy lives in the city, unwind under the clear sky, listen to the music of their choice, taste some of the finest menus, participate in water sports or just sit on the flybridge and admire the splendiferous views of the Arabian Gulf.

When you rent this yacht in Dubai you will be hosted by a classic vessel that is endowed with all the amenities a luxury yacht must-have.

The Black Pearl 85 yacht in Dubai has a sleek white body, resembling an elegant swan which is gracefully floating on the water, is designed to go through the wind and water aerodynamically with the least resistance, providing the ultimate comfort to its guests.

The vessel can reach a speed of 23 knots, a moderate speed which is ideal for cruising on the Arabian Gulf waters.

You can watch the presentation video below for details about the Black Pearl yacht in Dubai:


The Formula 1 version of the Black Pearl 85

The Black Pearl 85 is one of the most popular yachts for charter in Dubai, which is why its builder created an improved version in 2008, the Formula 1 Black Pearl 85. The latest model features:

  1.           a larger guest capacity- the new Black Pearl can accommodate up to 50 guests on its deck;
  2.           the Formula 1 Black Pearl 85 yacht also comes with three larger and more spacious cabins;
  3.           it can even accommodate up to 6 guests who can spend the night onboard this wonderful yacht;
  4.           the Formula 1 Black Pearl 85 has one master bedroom and two double bedrooms for more comfort;
  5.           the new Black Pearl 85 can now reach a maximum speed of 26 knots while cruising at a speed of 18 knots.

The Black Pear 85 yacht was designed and built by the Dubai Yachts which is one of the traditional and most popular yacht builders in the UAE.

The latest model of this magnificent model was launched in 2009 and comes with the same specs as the Formula 1 Black Pearl 85.

If you want to rent a yacht in Dubai and have decided on the Black Pearl 85, our charter representatives can offer personalized services.

Organize a birthday party on the Black Pearl 85 yacht for rent in Dubai

Having a large guest capacity of 30 or 50 persons, depending on the model you choose, the Black Pearl 85 is perfect for organizing various events, among which birthday parties which are quite popular events to be hosted on a yacht charter in Dubai.

You can charter the Black Pearl 85 and impress your guests not only with the amenities onboard of this splendid vessel, but you can also choose to personalize the services included in the yacht charter package. Among these, we propose a chef who will be at your disposal with exquisite dishes and a tailored menu, a bar, and a bartender to prepare cocktails while also creating a great show and various sports activities.

No matter if you decide on an afternoon birthday party or a night party, you will definitely impress your guests when you invite them on the Black Pearl 85 for rent in Dubai.

A Black Pearl wedding in Dubai

The Black Pearl yacht in Dubai is a beautiful option if you are dreaming of a yacht wedding. It is spacious enough to allow for an event with a moderate number of guests, all within the luxurious interior design and the numerous amenities for guests. Here are some reasons why a yacht wedding in Dubai, particularly on the Black Pearl, is an option if you are considering this special manner to say “I do”:

  • A themed wedding: this yacht has sufficient features to allow you to plan a themed wedding, whether it has an ocean-inspired design or a water sports/diving theme; you can be as creative as you like in this beautiful space;
  • Luxury events: a wedding on this particular yacht can be a luxuriant one, and you can select a catering service, as well as other wedding services that will suit the epicurean theme, should you choose so.
  • Entertainment galore: with plenty of options for water sports, entertainment and game area, and other features, your wedding can also mean fun times with your select group of friends and family;
  • A memorable experience: everyone remembers their wedding day, but the Black Pear is equipped to allow you to experience a truly remarkable and memorable celebration.

As previously mentioned, you can choose the duration of your event on the yacht and schedule it to include only approximately twelve hours (a day trip, when you return to the Dubai marina the same day) or a night trip (when you spend the night on board – the Black Pearl yacht Dubai is fully equipped to accommodate you). If you wish to rent the yacht for longer periods, such as a couple of days, one of our agents can give you more details.

Do you want to organize your wedding on a yacht in Dubai or are considering a yacht proposal with your significant other and a small number of select friends who will accompany you for the surprise? The Black Pearl can be a suitable option, especially if you are also looking to indulge. If you wish to know more about the logistics involved in organizing this event, you can reach out to our yacht charter Dubai specialists for more details.

Host a corporate party on the Black Pearl 85

If you are looking to impress business associates or you just want to help your employees unwind, a corporate party on a yacht for rent in Dubai can be a great idea. The Black Pearl 85 should be your choice for a corporate party considering the luxurious interior and exterior of this magnificent yacht.

With a cruise speed of 18 knots, which is not too slow or too fast, your guests will experience one of the greatest feelings while watching the sea, sunbathing, or simply talking to one another.

The Black Pearl 85 is a wonderful choice no matter the type of corporate event you are planning and for a greater experience, you can ask our yacht charter agents in Dubai for a personalized offer that can include tailored services, in accordance with your request.

Spend your vacation in Dubai on the Black Pearl 85

If you didn’t know by now, vacations spent on a yacht charter in Dubai is one of the latest trends in the Emirates, so if you want to feel what it is like to enjoy the sea for a few days or, why not, feel like a sailor, book the Black Pearl 85 yacht for your vacation in Dubai.

With large cabins, this great pleasure boat will host you and your family and make you feel like home. Travel from one place to another or simply cruise down Dubai’s water channels without even getting off the boat and feel the freedom the Black Pearl 85 offers.

You can rent the Black Pearl 85 for just a few days or a week without having to worry about accommodation or food, as you can also have a chef to cook for you during the entire vacation.

Why rent the Black Pearl 85 in Dubai?

If you are not convinced about what the Black Pearl 85 has to offer, here is a brief recap on this wonderful yacht:

  •           it has a large capacity; therefore, it can be rented for various events, small or large;
  •           you can even rent the Black Pearl 85 if you want to host a wedding or want to spend the honeymoon in Dubai;
  •           the Black Pearl 85 is one of the most comfortable yachts built by the famous builder;
  •           the amenities on the Black Pearl 85 are modern and will definitely not let you get bored;
  •           you can benefit from personalized services, including a crew to man the yacht for you.

Also, if you want to rent the Black Pearl 85 with our yacht charter agents in Dubai, we are at your disposal for information about the fares.

A vessel such as the Black Pearl is a wonderful choice for party yacht rental in Dubai. It offers the needed space to hold a sufficiently large number of guests and enchants the guests with a refined design. You can schedule a party for your wedding anniversary, birthday, a corporate event or important celebration, a wedding or many other types of events. Contact us for more details.

An amazing experience in Dubai

Our yacht charter in Dubai has been providing our clients with some of the most exquisite services for many years now.

We have a wide variety of luxury yachts for rent in Dubai that are available for our guests, all of them endowed with some of the most luxurious and finest amenities and facilities onboard.

When you rent a yacht in Dubai you can step back from the vibrancy of the city and the crowds and you can enjoy a unique (and luxurious) experience, with all of your needs catered for by a team of onboard experts. You can rent the yacht as a tourist in Dubai, as part of other activities you have planned in the area, or you can arrive in Dubai for a very special event, such as a birthday party, wedding or another occasion. A yacht trip will allow you to explore so much more of the beautiful region surrounding Dubai, to see the man-made islands from a different viewpoint, and enjoy fun water activities, all while surrounded by your friends and/or family. When planned in advance, you will be able to schedule your trip and reserve the preferred vessel at a time that is convenient for you and that suits your event.

Come with us on a memorable experience on a yacht for rent in Dubai and you will definitely want to come back soon!

If you have more questions about the Black Pearl 85 yacht in Dubai, please get in touch with our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.