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Rent a Yacht for your Wedding in Dubai

Rent a Yacht for your Wedding in Dubai

Make your dream wedding come true on one of our luxury yachts for rent in Dubai

We are able to organize your wedding entirely to turn your wedding into a really unforgettable one. We are aware that a wedding has to be perfect in all its aspects, therefore we make sure we plan every last detail for you to make every moment of it unforgettable.

With the help of our yacht charter agents in Dubai, you can  organize the wedding of your dreams. You can also rely on us for the organization of other important events on one of our yachts for rent in Dubai.

 Quick Facts  
  Types of yachts

Luxury yachts

Number of guests 

Starting from 25 guests to 100 guests

Additional services

 Sea experiences

Transfer to/from the yacht is provided upon request

Intinerary Flexible. Can be indicated by the client.
Usual charter routes include the Dubai Marina for day trips and the Arabian Gulf for longer cruises.
Wedding planning services

Clients can work with a wedding planner of their choice
Themed yacht weddings are possible

Wedding menu

Upon request, clients can choose a personalized catering menu for their wedding (including the wedding cake) – not included in the standard fees package. 

Wedding entertainment Clients can choose a DJ or band to play on the yacht.
Yacht wedding costs  Starting at 5000 AED/hour for standard yacht packages (check with our team to see the features included in our packages) 
Advance booking Always reccomended

Services when you rent a yacht in Dubai for your wedding

The services provided when you rent a yacht in Dubai for your wedding include:

•    Luxury car transfers;
•    Customized itinerary;
•    Entertainment;
•    Photography;
•    Catering;
•    Flowers;
•    Wedding coordinator.

No matter if you choose a classic or more modern wedding style, when you rent a yacht for your wedding in Dubai you have the opportunity to add a special touch to your special event. Our services are customized on each of our clients’ individual needs and desires and we can provide a yacht wedding in Dubai coordinator who can assist you during the entire planning period before the wedding, in order to create an unforgettable and perfect occasion.

How to choose the yacht for your wedding in Dubai

Another important task that you should complete as soon as the guest list is ready is to choose the yacht you will charter for the Dubai wedding. There are a few aspects you should consider when choosing the yacht for such an event, such as the number of guests. You will need to choose a large enough vessel to host them all. Then, you should consider the dining preferences and how the arrangements will look like. At this point, you will need to consider the dining options: for a traditional seated yacht wedding in Dubai, the number of guests will be reduced by a few tens, while if you opt for a buffet dinner.

A luxury recommendation from our experts is the Black Pearl yacht in Dubai.

Other important aspects to consider when renting a yacht for your wedding in Dubai is whether the party will be hosted during the day or the evening. In the case of a daylight wedding party, a yacht with an air-conditioned deck is highly recommendable. Of course, this will also depend on the season you’ll have your wedding.

Our yacht charter consultants in Dubai can make various recommendations when it comes to the vessel you can host your yacht wedding party on. We can also help you with the organization of your wedding on the yacht.

The guest list for a yacht wedding in Dubai

One of the most important steps when organizing a wedding on a yacht in Dubai remains the guest list. When putting together the guest list you should consider a few important aspects, among which:

  •           the number of guests will depend on the size of the yacht compared to organizing a traditional wedding;
  •           if you want a small yacht wedding in Dubai, renting a vessel is perfect for this occasion, as it will help you narrow down your guests;
  •           you can also organize medium and large weddings on a yacht, as there are vessels that can accommodate more than 100 guests and up to a few hundred guests;
  •           when organizing the wedding on a yacht for rent in Dubai, you should start sending the invitations earlier than usual;
  •           you will also have to make sure that all your guests have accommodation, especially if they are not from Dubai.

Once you have decided that you will have a yacht wedding in Dubai and start to think of the guest list you may want to start with the most important guests. Also, make sure you save a few more spare places for other guests who would really like to attend your wedding.

Renting a yacht for a wedding in Dubai poses different challenges compared to organizing a traditional wedding, however, with the help of our yacht charter specialists you can have the wedding you dreamed of and even more.

We invite you to watch a video on renting a yacht for a wedding in Dubai:

Choose a theme and a menu for your wedding in Dubai

Many brides are stressed about not being to organize the usually themed weddings if they choose to charter a yacht in Dubai. That is not true at all, as you can select the theme you’ve always dreamed of. Even if most of the brides have often chosen marine themes given the fact that they were on a yacht, you can select any other theme you feel pleased with. You can go for a stylish theme or a more casual one. You should definitely consider the time of day the wedding party will be held on, as well as the outfits your guests should wear.

The same goes for the menu. No matter if you decide on a seated or a buffet dinner, the menu can remain the same. You can even choose to have a chef on deck if you want to go for a more special menu and, of course, if the number of guests on your list allows it.

Given the setting, a nautical theme is the one chosen by most couples who rent a yacht in Dubai for their special wedding day. Here are some ideas that can help you with the planning:

  • Nautical décor: of course, the décor chosen for the yacht will incorporate elements such as old-fashioned steering wheels and lifebuoys; you can also add captain’s hats.
  • A fishy menu: it is only natural for your wedding menu to include fish and seafood; you should, however, include options for your guests that may be allergic to shellfish or those who do not enjoy fish;
  • Unique sweets: your wedding cake can beautifully recreate an ocean-inspired theme; the frosting can be blue and shaped like waves and it can also include other elements, to the best ability of the confectioner.

If you wish to incorporate fantasy ideas into your theme you can add mermaid-themed elements. Another idea is to have a pirate wedding. The décor will be adapted to include treasure chests, eye patches, and small pirate ships. You can even customize the cake or the candy bar to suit any theme.

You can also choose a minimalist wedding theme, such as simply choosing a dominant color (blue or turquoise if you plan on settling on the marine theme) and asking all your guests to bring attire in your chosen color.

No matter the theme and menu you decide on, you just need to let our specialists know and they will make sure everything goes as planned. 

Advantages of having a wedding on a yacht for rent in Dubai

In modern times, luxury yachts are built with superb amenities and finishes and come with a full-service crew, as well as delightful cuisine so that you and your spouse can relax knowing that all the details are taken care of with great attention by our experienced and trained staff members.

Among the advantages of having a wedding on yacht for rent in Dubai, we would like to mention:

•    A yacht for every wedding: we can present you with the best option in terms of the most suitable yacht and we can find you the perfect one for your specific number of guests;
•    Flexible itinerary: you can cruise along the Dubai coastline and set anchor in secluded harbors;
•    Pre or post-wedding accommodation facilities onboard with luxury amenities;
•    Five-star cuisine and customized wedding menus according to your own preferences;
•    A complete crew with fantastic service standards;
•    A perfect location for the ceremony, as well as the reception;
•    A unique venue and experience for you and your invitees.

Why rent a yacht for your wedding in Dubai?

Dubai and the Dubai Marina are ideal locations for couples who are looking for a more intimate and different wedding, with incredible sceneries and outstanding blue waters. With the amazing views of the Dubai Marina, pure blue sea waters, and sky, a wedding on a yacht for rent in Dubai is the ideal choice. It will undoubtedly turn each couple’s dreams into tangible reality and will create a sophisticated and stylish event.

With appropriately chosen luxury yachts with amazing décor, spectacular views of the Dubai Marina, fine menus, and outstanding, welcoming service, a charter yacht in Dubai is the perfect venue for a wedding ceremony and reception.

Among the many advantages, there are some issues you should be mindful of, such as ensuring that the yacht is sufficiently staffed and has all the required safety facilities. This is why it is advisable to work with our team of experts who will help you rent the perfect yacht not only in terms of size but also amenities. What’s more, when working with a local team you will rest assured that the weather will pose no problems on your special day. Although Dubai has few rainy days, on average March is the rainiest month while the least rainy days are usually recorded in May. Our specialists will be able to help you choose a date that will be mindful of the local climate.

According to the Dubai Statistics Center, 16,730 foreign visitors arrived in Dubai in 2019. Other data shows the following:

  • most of the visitors in 2019 were from India (1,970,000), followed by Saudi Arabia (1,565,000) and the United Kingdom (1,200,000);
  • during the first quarter of the same year, 23% of all visitors came from Western Europe and the percentage remained roughly the same during the fourth quarter when 20% of the visitors were also from Western Europe;
  • in 2019 there were 544 hotels in Dubai offering 100,744 rooms.

Why not plan your vacation in Dubai and your wedding at the same time? Our team can help you rent the yacht charter for the main event and you may choose to spend one or more days (together with your guests or alone) in a hotel in Dubai.

The budget for your dream yacht wedding

Your dream day can be exquisite on a yacht in Dubai. Maybe you are both sea lovers, maybe you met on a cruise or in another ocean-inspired setting and you wish to incorporate this into your day or perhaps you both love water sports, and scuba diving. All of these can be perfect reasons to think of having a wedding on a yacht.

Most people shy away from such a beautiful idea because of the costs. However, when planned in advance and with the help of a team of experts, your dream yacht wedding in Dubai does not have to “break the bank”. In fact, according to a study performed by a wedding website in the USA that relied on data from real weddings, the average cost for such an event in the United States in 2020 was 19,000$, a decrease from the average recorded by the same study in 2018, of 28,000$. This is an amount that can be used to rent a yacht in Dubai for more than one day and the price will also include various amenities that can be detailed by our team of yacht rental specialists.

Of course, the average wedding costs will differ according to your country of origin, however, you may find that the costs for a luxury wedding venue in your home country can be quite significant.

The budget for your yacht wedding in Dubai will have to include the costs for the airplane tickets and the accommodation that will be reserved outside of the time you spend on the yacht. As seen in this article, our Dubai yacht wedding package includes transport from the hotel to the marina. When you choose to plan your wedding in advance, you will have the time to look for airline ticket discounts as well as accommodation options that will suit your needs. In addition to the amenities offered in our package, you can arrange for extra activities, such as having a jet ski or a chosen DJ who will cater to your musical needs.

FAQ on organizing a wedding on a yacht in Dubai

1. How soon should I start organizing the wedding if I decide to charter a yacht in Dubai for it?
We strongly recommend you start the organization of your wedding as soon as you decided on the date and sent out the invitations.

2. Can I organize the wedding myself or should I hire a specialist?
Both options are OK, however, organizing a wedding on a yacht implies other logistics in certain cases, which is why most of our clients have decided to let specialists handle all the hassle.

3. Can I hire a catering firm for my wedding?
Yes, you can hire a catering firm, or you can meet with our coordinators and let them know your wishes. We will make sure everything is in order for when you arrive on the yacht.

4. How can I transport my guests to the yacht?
We can accommodate the transportation of your guests to the yacht, no matter if they come for a hotel or directly from the airport.

If you are planning to get married, allow one of our experienced wedding coordinators to help you organize a custom-tailored wedding on one of our luxury yachts for rent in Dubai based on your particular wishes and needs. Contact us and find out more about what our yacht charter in Dubai can do for you so that you have a perfect and unique wedding.