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Water Sports in Dubai

Water Sports in Dubai

Besides the numerous activities available on a yacht for rent in Dubai, when you are surrounded by the sea, a water sport is one of the most exciting ones to do. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, water sports in Dubai are just the right thing for you. And since your safety is our top priority, you will be asked to wear the life jacket and helmet which are compulsory when you rent a yacht in Dubai.

Sports in the water on a yacht for rent in Dubai

The sports in the water in Dubai which are available when renting a yacht with our yacht charter are:

•    Swimming: One of the most popular water sports in Dubai. Open water swimming is allowed only during certain hours of the day. Our yacht charter specialists in Dubai can offer more details on what these hours are;
•    Water polo: A team water sport. The game is played with four quarters in which the two teams try to score goals, the team which scores the most ones winning.
•    Diving: It is a sport which implies jumping or falling into the water from a platform or springboard, with more experienced players performing acrobatics while doing so.
•    Snorkeling: It means swimming at the surface of the water, usually to observe the underwater life, with the swimmer wearing a mask, a short tube called a snorkel and fins.

Water sports can be a great addition to a party package. If you are considering celebrating your birthday on a yacht, you can add a special water sports feature so that you and your guests can have fun while onboard. Our captain will make special stops along the way so that you can enjoy the amenities. Contact us if you are interested in renting a party yacht in Dubai.

Sports on the water on a yacht for rent in Dubai

As about the sports on the water in Dubai you can enjoy while renting a luxury yacht with us, these are:

•    Boat racing: It is a sport in which boats are competing with each other;
•    Parasailing: Also named parscending or parakiting, it is a recreational kiting sport available on a yacht for rent in Dubai in which a person is towed behind a water vehicle while being attached to a canopy wing which is expressly projected, reminding one of a parachute (a parasail wing);
•    Water skiing: A person is being pulled behind  a water vehicle over the water, sliding on the water surface with two skis or one slalom ski;
•    Kayaking: A kayak represents a small and slight boat which is propelled manually with a double-bladed paddle;
•    Kitesurfing: It is an extreme sport on the surface of the water which combines surfing, windsurfing, gymnastics, paragliding and wakeboarding;
•    The donut and the banana ride: One or more donut or banana riders are pulled by a watercraft through the water. The speed and manner of the pulling is most of the times as the riders prefer. 

More watersports are available with our yacht charter in Dubai. To find out what they are, please contact us.