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125ft Corporate Charter in Dubai

125ft Corporate Charter in Dubai

In an increasingly more competitive business environment, it has become crucial to be able to impress clients, business partners and top employees with events that are unique and memorable. Our yacht charter in Dubai is proud to present the 125ft corporate charter, which is created to do just that, being able to impress, encourage team bonding and offering an outstanding motivation for employee excellence, being able to suit all of your needs and desires.

Brief description of the 125ft corporate charter in Dubai

The 125ft corporate charter in Dubai  is an exceptional event yacht, offering 8,500 sq. ft. of deck space with a roomy lounge or bar on the sun deck, two large air conditioned zones with floor to ceiling windows, where dining or seating can be arranged as it contains flexible set ups, and a supplementary private lounge or dining area for more intimate discussions or meetings. When you rent this type of yacht in Dubai benefits from an outstanding sound/AV system.

This charter yacht is ideal for corporate events or launches, conferences and even weddings or private parties, being able to host up to 200 guests.

Details of the 125ft corporate charter in Dubai

The 125ft corporate charter in Dubai has the following characteristics:

•    Model: 2014;
•    Size per square feet: 125;
•    8 crew members;
•    Full insurance for boat, crew and guests;
•    Home theatre and music system;
•    LED TV 50 inches;
•    Spacious bar;
•    Large buffet area;
•    Catering can be available on demand;
•    Complimentary refreshments;
•    Maximum number of guests: 200;
•    Yacht type: Cruise, Corporate Event, Party.

As one of the largest luxury yachts from our fleet, oboard the 125ft corporate charter in Dubai even large companies with numerous employees or clients can enjoy a corporate event. This luxury yacht can represent an amazing setting for corporate entertainment comprised of formal dinners, theme events, receptions or product launches. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to rent the 125ft corporate charter in Dubai or if you need more details about this charter yacht.