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Annual Yacht Trip in Dubai

Annual Yacht Trip in Dubai

An annual yacht trip in Dubai is the perfect opportunity to come back on our yacht charter in Dubai only to be pampered by our attentive crew while cruising along the fantastic scenery of the Arabian Gulf. No matter if you are coming back to celebrate your anniversary, holiday or corporate event, you will certainly be pleased to come back with us.

Annual yacht trip to celebrate your wedding anniversary in Dubai

What other perfect gift is there to mark your wedding anniversary than a trip on a yacht for rent in Dubai? Reaching another year of marriage is definitely a reason to celebrate in style, no matter if it is a gift or a party.

According to the traditions, there are certain kinds of gifts which are offered for the particular year of marriage. Here with our yacht charter in Dubai, we would love to host a Dubai boat cruise for you and your loved one.

For instance, if it is your 25th wedding anniversary, we can offer the décor themed around the silver gift. No matter if you prefer a formal dinner or a more relaxed atmosphere, we are able to personalize the event for you so that it perfectly matches your desires and needs.

Our yachts offer full-service venues, as well as enjoyable meals, the wine selections of your choice and the appropriate entertainment so that everybody onboard will have a wonderful time.

Your annual yacht trip can be a party of your choice. Book your party yacht rental in Dubai with us and you will have access to a fleet of vessels, tailored services, and a crew that will safely sail you on the waters surrounding Dubai. Your yacht party can be a birthday, a wedding anniversary, an engagement party, the 18th birthday for your child, or any other type of celebration you choose.

Have your anniversary with us in Dubai

Your anniversary is the perfect occasion to come back and celebrate with us for years to come. Our yacht charter in Dubai offers a unique and romantic venue where you can celebrate your love.

No matter if you want to share a private evening with your life partner or to host a party together with your friends and family, our crew is committed to turning your anniversary into a unique experience.

A luxury yacht for rent in Dubai offers a wide range of opportunities to enjoy each moment of the day and night. From sunbathing, to water sports, fine dining and disco nights, you can enjoy them all!

If you need to know more about special occasions in Dubai, or to arrange all the details of your trip with us, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly yacht charter agents in Dubai.