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Yacht Charter in Dubai

We introduce you to a superb range of yachts which give you the opportunity to explore clear water, the ruins of antique cultures and animated nightlife. Rent a yacht in Dubai and bring your family and friends on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and enjoy the fabulous beaches of the bay. We are entirely committed to providing outstanding services and client satisfaction. 

Yacht charters in Dubai continuously increase in popularity, allowing people interested in life on the sea to admire the incredible panoramic view of the Dubai skyline. Here one can enjoy the fantastic sights of the world’s tallest set of designer towers, the different offshore artificial islands, as well as the Palms and the World. With us, you can enjoy the glorious and rich waters of the Arabian Gulf and experience the unique views of the majestic Dubai in your own intimacy and freedom. 

 Quick Facts  
Types of yacht charter services in Dubai

Bareboat – only the vessel, without a crew or amenities; Can be rented only by those who have a qualifying boat driving licence 
Crewed – the vessel has a crew and a captain and all the needed amenities

Types of vessels available for charter

Standard yachts
Premium and luxury yachts

Difference between luxury and standard yachts

 The luxury yacht includes high-end features, finishes, and equipment. Both the interior and the exterior design is luxurious. They can be super yachts, over 80 feet, and mega yachts, over 200 feet.
Luxury yacht features

Water toys and other features and facilities designed for an exquisite obboard experience

Additional services Live band, enterntainment options, five-star caterign services and others 
Types of events organized by our experts

Wedding and honeymoon cruises
Birthday parties or anniversary parties
Corporate events

Cruise time 

Tipically a full-day yacht charter, however, clients can also rent the yacht for several days or a week

Cruise itinerary For-day yacht charters: The Dubai Marina, the Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, the palm of the Royal Mirage, The World Islands, Burj Al Arab and much more unique sites
Standard costs (approx.)  From $160/hour 
Additional costs Fuel costs and dockage fees are tipically charged separately
Reasons to choose Dubai Luxury vessels
Professional crew onboard
Amazing views
An unforgetable experience
The crew  The captain and crew are booked for your chosen yacht according to availability on your selected dates 

Captain’s experience 

Our captains are experienced sailors and our entire team onboard is affable 

Minimum age for children onboard 

There is no minimum age for our clients, however, special safety measures may be communicated for small children 

Safety onboard  Safety equipment (lifejackets, life rafts, fire safety, proper means of signaling, etc.) 
Pets allowed onboard 

Pet-friendly yacht chartering only upon request; special conditions apply 

Who provides the additional services 

You can hire your own DJ, and schedule other amenities as you see fit. We ask you to decide and discuss these details with our team so that we can better organize your event 

Types of yachts 

Mega yachts: usually over 80 meters

Superyachts: generally 24 meters and more

Medium luxury yachts: 20 meters or more;

Small yachts: generally 10 to 18 meters 

 Capacity according to yacht size 

 18 meter motor yachts: usually 6 guests

22-40 meter motor yachts: usually 8 guests

40-60 meter motor yachts: usually 12 guests

60-80 meter motor yachts: 12 guests

80-100 meter motor yachts: 36 guests

*guests only, not including the captain & crew

How to choose the yacht 

You might want to take into account:

 – the total number of guests;

– the price for the chosen yacht type;

– the purpose of the charter (vacation cruising, corporate, or personal event, etc.)

 Advance scheduling Yes, possible and always advisable to ensure that you secure your ideal dates and type of vessel 
 When to contact us

Ideally, several months in advance, however, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are already in the Emirates and are thinking of booking a yacht charter in Dubai 

One of the main reasons why you should choose ouryacht renting services in Dubai is the superior quality and class. Secondly, certain values of our service should be considered: safety, comfort characteristics, modern technology, and stylish living conditions. Our yachts are distinctively crafted to confer the most joyful experience to our customers.

Types of yachts to rent with us in Dubai

Those who want to rent yachts in Dubai can choose from a wide variety of vessels. We propose you check our fleet and opt for one of the following types of yachts for rent in Dubai:

  1.           classic yachts – you can never fail when renting a classic yacht for a vacation in Dubai;
  2.           motor yachts – these types of yachts can offer speed for those who love aquatic sports;
  3.           sailing yachts are great for those seeking to drift away on the blue waters of Dubai;
  4.           catamarans are some of the most rented and admired yachts from our fleet of vessels;
  5.           gullet yachts are not that common; however, they are beautifully crafted and they instantly catch one’s eye;
  6.           luxury yachts are the most rented yachts for charters on the Dubai waters.

Based on your requirements, we can make personalized packages when renting a yacht in Dubai.

Events organized with the help of our yacht charter in Dubai

We can help those interested in renting yachts for various events. With vast experience and a dedicated crew, your vacation or special event can become unforgettable. Our yachts are usually rented for the following types of events:

  •           wedding proposals – we have helped many clients propose to their beloved ones and thus making their event unique;
  •           honeymoons on a yacht charter in Dubai – we are often asked about this service and we are proud to announce that we offer it;
  •           events for companies – the number of companies renting yachts for various occasions such as anniversaries, teambuilding and retirement parties are quite common these days;
  •           anniversaries – speaking about them, not only companies rent yachts for such occasions, but people also do;
  •           cruises – we can arrange for various cruises on the beautiful waters of Dubai.

These are just a few of the events we are able to organize on our yachts, but if you have any other idea we can’t wait to hear it and help you arrange it. 

Services included when renting a yacht in Dubai with us

Rent a yacht in Dubai with us and live the thrill of a yacht cruise experience as we deliver exceptional facilities. Our primary care is the safety of our guests, completed by various services that will help you live an unforgettable journey. The included services are comprised of:

•    Licensed captain and crew: our committed team of vastly trained captain and crew are permanently on board to make sure you have a soothing experience;
•    Luxury transportation: With our luxury transportation services, you can make your entrance at our elegant yacht party in style;
•    Enthusiastic meet and greet service: Concierge service is there to welcome you and your guests upon your arrival. You will be assisted with any luggage carrying.
•    5* service;
•    Soft drinks and juices;
•    Drinking water will be provided;
•    Fresh towels;
•    Yacht slippers;
•    Bathroom facilities;
•    Fuel is included;
•    Insurance for all passengers on board;
•    Safety gear.

Organization of corporate events on our yachts in Dubai

Dubai is a well-known yachting destination among those who come here on a regular basis, however, in the last few years, the number of companies interested in using the services offered by our yacht charter in Dubai for organizing various events has increased.

Companies are interested in the organization of corporate anniversaries for their employees, retirement parties for the most loyal members of the company, training sessions, corporate meetings and even parties for the employees and business associates.

If you own a company and are thinking about something special for an occasion, you should definitely consider organizing it on one of our yachts for rent in Dubai.

We can assist with the partial or entire organization of any type of party you want to throw on a yacht charter in Dubai. We can also put at your disposal various types of yachts and pleasure vessels at different sizes.

A corporate party on a yacht will prove much more relaxing, no matter if we are talking about employees or business partners because it can be less formal. You can relax with your employees or partners and enjoy all kinds of sports activities which will help you connect.

If you want to organize a corporate eventon one of our yachts in Dubai, you can select to have a chef or bartender onboard, or a catering company to simply deliver the food, according to your requests.

No matter your idea, our yacht charter agents in Dubai can help you personalize it and have a great party.

Personal events on a yacht charter in Dubai

People have started treating various personal events with the respect they deserve which is why many of them rent yachts on which they can party all night long without interrupting or disturbing anyone around them.

Wedding proposals, bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding parties and after-parties are just a few of the events we can help you organize on one of our yachts for rent in Dubai. You can personalize the event in any way you want. You just need to send us the details and we will take care of everything.

Based on the number of guests, we can help you choose the appropriate type of yacht, and after that, you will only need to let us know if you want a themed party or not. We can put you in contact with famous chefs who can cook for you or have fancy menus prepared according to your desires.

You can organize other events too on our yachts for rent in Dubai: anniversaries, graduations, cocktail parties, retirement parties and even family gatherings without any special reason can be organized on a yacht. You don’t need an actual motive to relax and enjoy some good time with family and friends.

Among the services we can offer if you decide to rent a yacht with us are the organization of various sports activities, meals and even trips around Dubai.

Rent a yacht for a vacation in Dubai

If you want to have an unusual vacation come to Dubai and rent a yacht with us! On one of our yacht charters in Dubai, you can have anything you would have in a hotel and more. You can wake up every day to a new view. You can travel from place to place and see more of Dubai than you ever will by staying put in one place.

We have various types of yachts you can rent, depending on your needs and level of comfort. We can accommodate you and your family members in yachts with two or more sleeping cabins.

We can guarantee that you won’t get bored on a yacht in Dubai, however, we can advise on some activities you and your family can enjoy while spending some wonderful time here. Some of these activities are: swimming, whether in Dubai’s clear waters or on the pool on the yacht, sunbathing, fishing and various water sports, such as scuba diving.

The privacy on a yacht for rent is higher than in a hotel room, so don’t doubt in reaching out to our rental agents and booking a yacht for a super fun vacation. You can even organize Christmas and New Year parties with the help of our yacht charter specialists in Dubai.

Why use our yacht renting services in Dubai?    

We offer some of the best marine-based day activities in Dubai. Our fleet of yachts is the impeccable choice for an individual, family or corporate journeys. We are experts in yacht charters, with many years of experience, with an unrivaled proficiency in yacht charters in Dubai. Our luxury yachts are in excellent condition and equipped with the latest comfort and safety facilities onboard, being fully insured and suitable for various celebrations and corporate events.

Among the main reasons why you should choose our yacht renting services in Dubai, we mention:

•    personalized holidays: we will ensure you have a fantastic time on board, one which truly mirrors your lifestyle. Our luxury yachts for rent offer a wide variety of amenities and accommodations, from gourmet foods to water sports and spa treatments;
•    a yacht for every occasion: our clients are presented with the type of yachts that are available, always presenting a second and third choice in order for them to choose the most appropriate one for their own needs. 
•    our attention to details: our committed, experienced professionals know that a thorough organization is key to offering an enjoyable experience on a yacht for rent in Dubai. They, therefore, make sure that every single detail of your journey is taken care of so that you can have the time of your life with us!
•    qualified crew: we take safety while on the water very seriously. Our crews are certified in maritime safety and all our captains and crews are fluent in English.

Personalized yacht rental services in Dubai

You probably hear this a lot, but our services can be tailored to your every need and requirement. You can rent a crewed yacht or a bareboat if you have the experience of driving a yacht by yourself or you simply need peace and some quiet time.

You can also choose the yacht you want to rent based on its size and the number of guests you want to invite to your party. We can also tailor the services and the facilities offered on board the yacht, so do not hesitate to reach out and ask for a personalized offer.

FAQ about renting a yacht in Dubai

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about booking a yacht in Dubai:

1. How long does my charter have to take?

Yachts are generally chartered for at least three hours to enjoy all the sights, quicker charters can also be available. Our charter executives can provide you with more information on this matter.

2. Are your yachts crewed?

Yes, every yacht is assigned with its own Captain and Crew. Besides our own standard qualification and English speaking requirements, all Crew has to hold the necessary STCW (standards of training certification and watchkeeping) and have a proven track record with the Maritime Service Sector in order to be a part of our team.

3. How do I pay for the yacht charter in Dubai?

You can pay for your charter by one of the following methods:

•    Online Payment Link;
•    Cash/Cheque;
•    Debit or Credit Card.

4. What is the cost for a yacht to charter in Dubai?

Charter prices start from AED 500 per hour, however the price for renting a yacht in Dubai can vary according to the size of the yacht booked.

5. What do I need to bring with me?

If you want to rent a yacht in Dubai you should know that all guests onboard MUST bring with them a valid I.D. passport if originating from outside the U.A.E. and I.D. for residents of the Emirates. If not in possession of such documents, you or your guests may be refused the entry on the yacht.

6. Are we allowed to swim?

Swimming is allowed only during daylight hours. Cut-offs are usually at 7.00 P.M. during summer and 5.00 PM during winter.

7. What types of facilities are on board?

Each yacht has cabins, saloons, heads and flybridges (excl. 35 ft.). These are included in the price for renting a yacht in Dubai.

8. What type of food and drinks are available on board?

We have contracted a professional catering firm which services all our yachts. If you desire to rent a yacht in Dubai, our charter executives can give you more information on the menu options.

9. What is the itinerary and what will we be able to see?

Your charter will begin journeying through the Dubai Marina, after which while out on the Arabian Sea it will travel around Palm Jameira, seeing views such as the Atlantis Hotel and the One & Only Royal Mirage, from there across to the 7 Star Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel, prior to turning back near the Sheik Mohammad’s Island. If time will allow it, the yacht will be anchored in the sheltered waters, allowing you and your guests to relax and enjoy the views of Dubai.

10. Can I charter a yacht without a crew?

Yes, it is possible to rent a yacht in Dubai without a crew, however, you should be aware of the fact that you will need to have previous experience for certain types of vessels. Otherwise, you will need a few training sessions in order to be able to pilot the yacht. The price for the crew is typically included in the price rent of a yacht in Dubai.

11. What are the types of yachts that I can charter in Dubai?

We can provide you with a wide variety of yacht and vessels for charter in Dubai. Among these, we recommend you the following:

  •           small yachts if you plan a little getaway or a small party with just a few people;
  •           we also have medium-sized yachts in our fleet, if you are in need of such vessel;
  •           a large yacht can be chartered for large events, such as corporate or engagement parties;
  •           you can also charter dhows with us if you are looking for a unique experience;
  •           luxury yachts are among the most sought types of vessels in our fleet.

You can also benefit from advice in choosing the right type of yacht in accordance with your needs and the services you consider you could need. We will also give you separate quotas for the rent a yacht in Dubai price, depending on the chosen type.

12. Can I host a party on a yacht charter in Dubai?

Yes, you definitely can. We have special yachts on which such parties can be hosted. You will only need to provide us with some details about the party and we can help you rent a party yacht in Dubai. Once you set the date and the number of guests, as well as a preferred party theme (if applicable), our team will give you more information about your options in terms of vessel size, and extra amenities (activities such as snorkeling or jet skiing or having a DJ for your party). Together with our team, you will also decide on a menu for the caterers.

13. What types of parties can I host on a yacht?

Pretty much all types of parties. Most people rent yachts for corporate parties and team building activities, but private events such as wedding anniversaries and retirement parties can also be hosted on a chartered yacht. You can even have a birthday party on a chartered yacht.

14. Can I have my wedding on a yacht for rent in Dubai?

Yacht wedding receptions are quite common in Dubai, so you can host your event on one of our yachts. We can even accommodate some of the services you need for such an important event.

15. Can I book a yacht for a short period of time?

Yes, we are very flexible from this point of view, so that you can rent a yacht in Dubai for just one hour or for an entire day.

16. When is the best time to book a yacht in Dubai?

There are two rates that apply when renting a yacht in Dubai: the low season and the high season rates. The low season is usually during the summer months as the weather here is quite hot, while the high season is usually during the winter months. However, you can book your yacht charter with us earlier and thus take advantage of special offers. Another thing you may want to consider when booking a vacation during the low seasons is that some museums have special working hours, so if you also plan some sightseeing, we invite you to contact us and ask for recommendations.

17. Can I book a yacht for an entire vacation in Dubai?

Sure, all our yachts have all it takes for you to have a relaxing vacation: large cabins where you can sleep and relax, bathrooms and even a kitchen where you or one of our crew members can cook for you.

18. Can companies book yachts for video filming and shooting sessions?

Yes, we service both persons who want to book yachts for their vacations, but also companies interested in booking yachts for various activities, including video filming and shooting sessions. You can book yachts for a few hours or a few days, depending on your needs.

19. Do I need insurance when booking a yacht in Dubai?

Yes, the insurance is a must when booking a yacht in Dubai because no matter how careful you are, accidents can happen at any time. Considering there are various activities you can undertake on a such a trip, health and accident insurance are mandatory.

20. Do I need to sign a contract when renting a yacht?

Yes, all our yacht rentals are subject to specific terms and conditions which are mentioned in the contract. There are several types of contracts available based on the services you require, and they will all be written in the agreement.

21. Are there any restrictions when chartering a yacht with you?

Yes, all our contracts stipulate the restrictions imposed when booking a yacht with us. Among these, drug use is strictly forbidden.

22. How large is your yacht fleet in Dubai?

Our luxury yacht fleet in Dubai is one of the largest in this area. We can offer the appropriate yacht for large or small groups. Our yacht charter consultants in Dubai can assist you in choosing the right vessel which best suits your needs and requirements.

23. What amenities are there onboard?

Our luxury yachts for rent in Dubai are endowed with numerous amenities, ranging from the most basic ones like bedrooms, saloon, private bathrooms, fly bridges, to more high end ones, such as Jacuzzi, bar, BBQ, sun deck, gym and more. 

25. Is snorkeling or swimming allowed?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about our yachts in Dubai. When you rent a yacht in Dubai with us, you can definitely request to do snorkeling or swimming. We will provide you with complimentary equipment for snorkeling on our vessels.

26. Are children allowed on your yachts for rent in Dubai?

Children can come onboard a yacht for rent from our fleet in Dubai only if they are together with their guardians or parents. Their guardians or parents will be solely responsible for the children’s safety onboard, and not the crew. Children younger than 9 are required to wear life jackets during the entire time spent onboard.

27. Are pets allowed onboard?

Although we love life in its all forms, for their own safety, pets are not allowed onboard.

28. Is music available on your yachts?

All our yachts have a home theater system, as well as a state-of-the-art sound system. You can enjoy our selection of music from our own collection or bring your own music.

If you have more questions about booking a yacht in Dubai with our yacht charter, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Do not hesitate to reach out if you are in need of a specific type of yacht charter and related services in Dubai, as we can accommodate your wish.

The video below shows you the main services you can benefit from when renting a yacht in Dubai:

Romantic cruise on a yacht charter in Dubai 

Our yacht charter Dubai specialists can help you plan the perfect couple’s getaway at sea. We know that some of the best services and experiences are those designed to pay attention to details, this is why our team customizes the romantic cruise package to fit your needs.

Read this article to find out more about renting a yacht for a romantic cruise and reach out to our team when you are ready to book a vessel.

Total privacy onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai

With our yacht charter in Dubai, you can choose between several options for a romantic getaway. You can choose to spend the entire day onboard enjoying each other’s company or come on a romantic cruise at sunset, enjoying the wonderful views of the Arabian Gulf embraced by the warm lights of the sunset. While on board, our crew will make sure you can enjoy total privacy and all the intimacy you need in order to have a special time with your loved one.

You have the option of spending alone time in the luxurious cabins of one of our yachts for rent in Dubai or relaxing on the sundeck while enjoying the wonderful views of the Burj Al Arab, The Palm or Atlantis while it sails along Palm Jumeirah.

If you are planning to propose to your significant other while on this cruise, we can arrange for special decorations and services which will be customized to your individual needs, like flowers and champagne, ensuring your romantic moment becomes a lifetime memory.

Romantic dinner onboard a charter yacht in Dubai

Show your loved one how much you appreciate and care for them with a luxury evening on a romantic cruise on a yacht charter in Dubai. The yacht charter starts cruising through the Arabian Gulf while the sun goes down, passing by marvelous sceneries of the iconic skyline of the emirate.

The usual romantic dinner cruise package on a yacht charter in Dubai includes:

·         three hours getaway;
·         three course meals;
·         bottle of champagne;
·         soft beverages;
·         romantic table arrangement which includes flowers and candles;
·         butler service;
·         experienced crew and captain.

Romantic cruise on a yacht charter in Dubai – what you need to know
The vessels chosen for this type of sea cruise are typically not very large, as they only need to accommodate two people and a minimum number of crew members. Luxury yacht rental in Dubai is available for many types of events, and a romantic getaway is special enough to justify splurging on a vessel that has exquisite amenities.

Depending on how you schedule the trip, you will enjoy the sunset and have a lovely dinner or you will also have some time to sunbathe before the sun goes down. The music, food, and drinks will be catered for by our team of experts beforehand, so that you may choose exactly those items that you wish to include.

If this is a surprise romantic cruise on a yacht charter in Dubai, especially if it also involves a proposal, our team and crew know that timing and discretion are important. We will help you surprise your partner in the most beautiful way, while out at sea and overlooking the beautiful Dubai views.

Depending on how much time you wish to spend onboard, you have several options:

  • 1-hour cruise: this is the minimum period our clients can choose and it will be a short but pleasurable trip scheduled so that you will have time to enjoy the sunset while seeing the Dubai Ferris Wheel and getting an overview of the Dubai Marina;
  • 2-hour cruise: you will have more time to see the unique landmarks of Dubai while you enjoy the sunset and have champagne; you will also see the Atlantis Hotel on The Palm;
  • 3-hour cruise: this is the recommended cruise if you wish to have enough time to see the sights, including the Burj Al Arab, and enjoy a dinner out at sea;
  • 4-hour cruise or more: these cruises are suitable when you wish to take your time not only for a special wine and dine, but also to take in the beautiful sights and have time to spend quality time together.

Our team can give you more details about the pricing for the standard packages in each of these cases and about the routes. Do keep in mind that these are examples of cruising routes and that our packages are customizable. We know that a perfect romantic cruise in Dubai is one that takes into account your unique preferences. While the standard packages are designed to suit a wide range of needs, couples like to add their personal touch in order to make the experience more enjoyable. We are here to discuss those options with you and help you turn your vision into reality.

Yachts with a swimming pool in Dubai 

Yachts with a swimming pool in Dubai are the latest trend in yacht chartering, representing the ultimate maritime luxury. In such a pool, you can take a dive in the blue waters and feel the comfortable, soothing, refreshing and safe sensation while your skin touches it, being bathed by the warm light of the sun and ocean breeze. 

Why should you do that? Because you can. Because you are safer, away from the deep waters and currents of the ocean. And because the pool water is warmer and calmer, allowing you to practice swimming at your own rhythm.

Here are a few examples of yachts for rent in Dubai with a swimming pool in which you can lavish and spoil yourself.

Suerte yacht for rent in Dubai

The Suerteyacht for rent in Dubai is built by Tankoa Yachts and measures 69.6 m (227’ 4”). It has an impressive pool located on the aft deck, being fed by a waterfall and able to hold 8,000 liters of water.

This luxurious swimming pool features a swim-up cocktail bar where the guests can have delicious drinks without having to get out of the water.

And what is delightful about this pool is that it has glass panels at the bottom which let the sunlight filter through the saloon found below.

Okto from our yacht charter in Dubai

The Okto yacht was built by the Italian manufacturer ISA, having a jet-black steel hull and being fitted with contemporary-designed gray exterior decks which are fabricated from an eco-friendly material that enables guests to keep those high heels.

However, those might not be needed, as this luxury vessel for rent through our yacht charter in Dubai has a fantastic infinity pool of 6 m in length. Situated on the main deck, the pool can be filled with salt or fresh water, depending on the guest’s desires.

If you would like to know more about thebest superyacht pools in Dubai, or if you would like to rent such a vessel, please reach out toour yacht charter representatives in Dubai.

Why choose Dubai for a yachting experience?

For some years now, Dubai is one of the most appealing yachting destinations in the world. As the number of foreign tourists seeking adventure has increased, the yachting industry simply flourished and, according to recent statistics:

  • Dubai ranked 9th at a worldwide level in terms of superyacht production in 2018;
  • in 2018, Dubai ranked as the 5th largest maritime capital of the world in terms of attractiveness and competitiveness;
  • in 2020, Dubai will be the largest marina in the MENA region and will be able to host 1,100 private yachts;
  • by 2022, Dubai is expected to become the 6th most important maritime hub in the world.

Choose our yacht renting services because we have all the ingredients for an exciting and memorable experience on the Dubai seas. Contact us today! We can also recommend you other types of renting services, such as hiring an extravagant Ferarri