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Music Videos on a Yacht Charter in Dubai

Music Videos on a Yacht Charter in Dubai

yacht for rent in Dubai is the perfect setting for a music video. The surrounding views are amazing, the weather is great all year long and the waters are blue and calm. If you would like to shoot an original and captivating music video, why not do it on a yacht charter in Dubai?

Something different with your music video on a yacht for rent Dubai

Here with our yacht charter in Dubai, we offer you the chance to bring your fans a different type of music video by filming it on one of our luxury yachts.

As one of the most famous yacht charter companies in Dubai, we are able to host your team on a beautifully designed yacht which is especially chosen to fit your individual music video vision and your special requests.

If you are looking for the most appropriate yacht for rent where you can shoot your music video in various genres, we strongly believe we are the right company for you.

And that is mainly because we offer tailor-made services and we have a wide variety of luxury yachts in our fleet which we are convinced will be suitable even for the most demanding client.

The luxury yachts from our fleet bring you a wide variety of luxury amenities which will enable you to have a great time onboard and be extremely comfortable at the same time.

A wide selection of choices with our yacht charter in Dubai

When filming a music video on our yacht charter in Dubai, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of settings.

No matter what your preferences are, be it a fast action at sea or cruising along the Dubai coastline, your scenery options are endless, from the Palm Jumeirah Island, to the World Islands or the beautiful white beaches of Dubai, the ideas are never ending.

We have extensive experience in working with music video teams which allows us to fully understand the patience and principles of filming continuity which are required when working on such a task.

Over the course of years, we had the great pleasure of hosting different artists and corporate events for music and film shoots.

How to have the perfect music video on a yacht charter in Dubai

When organizing a music video on a yacht charter in Dubai, our representatives will help you answer the following questions in order to have the perfect production which you have always dreamed of:

• Do you want to shoot in the harbor, Dubai Marina, skyline, island, beach or open water views?

• What time of the day do you want to shoot the music video? We can accommodate any time of the day, from sunset until dawn or even all night. However, most of our crews have done the filming during early morning;

• What yacht size do you prefer and need? We have yachts which can accommodate all different needs, depending on the number of your crew, the actors or models and the filming gear;

• What is your budget? Our representatives can help you with this, in the sense that they can offer you more details on the costs which are involved with shooting a music video with us;

• What type of amenities do you need? We can assist you with all types of amenities, depending on what your preferences are.

If you would like to experience filming music videos on a yacht in Dubai, we kindly invite you to get in touch with our friendly yacht charter representatives in Dubai.

If you are interested in party yacht rental in Dubai as opposed to renting the vessel for filming on location, our team will answer your questions. Planning the party, and deciding on the type of vessel, the catering options, and the entertainment choices is easier with our help. Our team will be able to answer your questions once you give us more details about your event.