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Boom Netting in Dubai

Boom Netting in Dubai

With our yacht charter in Dubai, you can enjoy a wonderful day on the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf.

While we take you along the calm waters of the Dubai Coast, we can, upon request, drop the boom net in the water and enable you to have the time of your life!

Boom netting in Dubai is a unique experience, which can only be depicted as a cruising spa bath which will make you laugh with tears of happiness and joy.

What is boom netting in Dubai?

In case you are not familiar with this type of activity, boom netting in Dubai consists of riding securely in a large net which is attached to the rear of the yacht for rent in Dubai, as it cruises along the Coast.

Our spacious net can host a sizeable group, so that you can experience this fantastic activity together with your family and friends.

While spending your time on a yacht for rent in Dubai, you will be able to enjoy various things. You can sunbathe on the deck and, when the time is right, you can descend in the boom net, located in the water.

For sure, you will get very wet on this wild ride, while the waves from the yacht pass by you. It is time to hang on tight, because our vessel can reach pretty high speeds. Boom netting in Dubai is certainly an adventure not to miss!

Why boom netting with our yacht charter in Dubai?

The Arabian Gulf offers a wide variety of amazing sea life to explore. The waters are filled with fascinating creatures, ranging from ancient turtles to colored fish and beautiful coral formations.

Boom netting with our yacht charter in Dubai is a fantastic way to admire the scenery of the Dubai Coast while getting your adrenaline on high levels.

It is a great adventure through which children can safely discover the eco-system and its marine life, as well as a safe way to enjoy the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Moreover, boom netting in Dubai allows you to take advantage of a fast, adrenalin-pumping experience while getting to see the in and out of the Arabian Gulf waters. 

Our guides are here to provide interesting information about the various coral reefs, as well as the creatures which live under the surface of the water.

You can always talk to our team to find out more about other fun options when you charter a yacht. If you wish to rent a vessel for a very special occasion, we can help you not only charter the yacht, but also take care of many other important details for your event. We will coordinate with you to arrange issues like catering and other amenities. You can reach out to us for details on how to rent a party yacht in Dubai.

If you would like to know more reasons why you should go boom netting in Dubai, or to arrange your holiday with us, please contact our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.