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Yacht Charter Costs and Fees

Yacht Charter Costs and Fees

yacht charter in Dubai is a wonderful way to cruise along the Dubai Marina and admire some of the most beautiful and luxurious natural and man-made wonders of the world. However, the costs and fees of a yacht for rent in Dubai may, sometimes, seem confusing and scary for some.

Here is a brief guide on the yacht charter costs explained by our representatives.

High and low season in Dubai

Generally, there are two main rates:

·         High season rates;
·         Low season ones.

Commonly, there are set dates for these seasons. Moreover, there are certain events which are more expensive, like the Dubai International Boat Show.

Therefore, select your time carefully. Only a one week difference, from the high season to the low one, can add quite a lot to the total cost when you rent a yacht in Dubai, while enjoying the same weather conditions as the more costly season.

Yacht charter contracts in Dubai

The kind of yacht charter contract in Dubai depends on the locations where you will be cruising, as well as the determined payment structure.

For example, a contract used for larger yachts, known as a “plus all expenses” contract, requires the guest to pay for fuel, beverages, food, dockage fees and additional costs outside of the base charter fee.

Or, for smaller vessels, usually a “mostly all-inclusive” contract is signed, which includes three meals a day in addition to a few hours of cruising daily which are included in the base charter fee.

The Advance Provisioning Allowance in Dubai

The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) in Dubai is a sum of around 20 to 25% of the charter fee for a “plus all expenses” yacht charter and around 5% for an “all inclusive” one.

The APA is paid to the yacht charter consultants prior to embarking, in order to arrange the vessel according to the guests’ requirements.

During the cruise on a yacht for rent in Dubai, the captain will offer a report on the sum usage and, at the end of the journey, he will provide a detailed accounting together with any unused sums in cash.

In case the APA is spent during the journey, the guest has to provide the captain with an adequate cash amount to cover the needs for the rest of the cruise.

If you would like to know more about the yacht charter costs and fees, or if you would like to join us on  a unique cruise along the Dubai Marina, please contact our yacht charter executives in Dubai.

The costs and the fees for renting a party yacht in Dubai will depend on the type of party you are scheduling, as well as the type of vessel (which influences the number of guests you can have). Extra amenities, as well as catering options and entertainment options (DJ, photographer, and more), are discussed separately according to the type of event you will be having onboard.