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Yacht Charter Insurance in Dubai

Yacht Charter Insurance in Dubai

When it comes to yacht charter insurances in Dubai, there are a lot of insurance companies in the U.A.E. that offer different options in this regards. The insurance costs in Emirates are quite low and these companies offer attractive packages to their members. 

Types of yacht charter insurances in Dubai

When you rent a yacht in Dubai, you have the chance to enjoy one of the most pleasant experiences ever. However, sometimes things cannot go according to the plan: a crew member could get sick, you could miss your flight or experience bad weather conditions. For all these unpredictable situations, there are different types of yacht charter insurances available in Dubai, such as:

•    skipper’s liability insurance;
•    annulment of travel costs and insolvency insurance;
•    bond insurance;
•    travel abroad health insurance;
•    skipper’s passenger accident insurance;
•    personal accident insurance.

It is important to pay attention to the kind of insurance you choose, according to your own yacht charter needs in Dubai. There are plenty of travel-insurance websites which offer price comparisons. Study them carefully and choose the most appropriate insurance depending on the needed level of coverage.

Main advantages of being insured while onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai

Most insurance companies in the U.A.E. offer coverage which can be personalized for all yacht types, no matter what size the vessel is. The main advantages of having a yacht charter insurance in Dubai are as follows:

•     property coverage: personal properties can be insured while onboard;
•    additional medical expenses: some insurance companies reimburse the medical costs for treatment and injuries suffered by an individual while on a yacht for rent in Dubai, while boarding  or leaving the vessel;
•    environmental damage protection: insurance companies can also reimburse the costs connected to marine environmental damages produced by a covered incident.

For more details on the different yacht charter insurances available in Dubai, or if you would like to rent a yacht from our fleet for your vacation, please contact our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.