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A Guide on Yacht Charter Contracts

A Guide on Yacht Charter Contracts

yacht charter contract is important because it explains all the obligations, rights and cancellation policies so that you know what to expect before getting onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai

Here is a brief guide on yacht charter contracts, which usually include the dates of the yacht charter, the locations, the payment structure details and the insurance, as well as warnings of unacceptable onboard conduct. 

Types of contracts used by our yacht charter in Dubai

There are certain standard contracts generally utilized in the crewed yacht charter industry in Dubai. These kind of contracts are:

The MYBA charter contracts: they were introduced by the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association. They are usually the most utilized contracts in the yacht chartering field;

The AYCA charter contracts: they were introduced by the American Yacht Charter Association. These types of contracts can be:

      o Uninspected;

      o Bareboat/Services, which represents a couple of agreements;

Caribbean term contracts: introduced by the Charter Yacht Brokers Association.

What is included in the yacht charter contract in Dubai?

These different yacht charter contracts which are being signed when you rent a yacht in Dubai with us cover various aspects, from the weekly rate of yacht usage of the water toys, to the behavior that our clients are expected to adopt while onboard.

For example, the consumption of drugs is strictly prohibited in these contracts, with the possibility of immediately ending the contract with no refund due to the client in case it is breached.

The onboard safety, as well, is being covered in a yacht charter contract, with the amendment that the captain is there to answer all your requests, however, he holds the final decision to make sure that the yacht is safe.

Our representatives will take the decision of choosing the right kind of contract is most suitable based on different aspects, such as the certification of the yacht for rent in Dubai, including if it is listed officially as a commercial or private yacht. 

You will sign a yacht charter contract when you book a vessel with us for any type of activity, including but not limited to party yacht rentals in Dubai. The contact will stipulate the terms of the rental, however, you will decide on the relevant party aspects with our team who will be able to help you choose the ideal itinerary, and your catering and entertainment options.

Things to consider when signing a yacht charter contract in Dubai

When signing a yacht charter contract in Dubai, consider the following aspects:

Consider the fuel: even though some contracts include the fuel for maximum four cruising hours per day, keep in mind that, if you want to exceed a cruising speed, utilize jet skis and electricity while the yacht is anchored, more fuel will be necessary with the price applied to the charterer;

Read the contract: it is crucial that each guest who will step onboard has a thorough understanding of the yacht charter contract and how he or she will be affected by it. Consequently, every guest must take the time to read the contract and get familiarized with its contents;

Ask questions, if necessary: even though a charter contract could seem intimidating at the beginning, it is put in place to protect both the guest and the yacht owner. Therefore, it is very important for the guests to make any amendments or ask, if they have any inquiries about the contract or are not sure about the payment structure and how the costs are calculated. Our yacht charter representatives are professionals in this field and can explain each contract clause, therefore do not be afraid to ask if you have any questions.

If you would like to learn more about the different yacht charter contracts, or to book one of our luxury yachts, please get in touch with our yacht charter executives in Dubai.