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Yacht Management in Dubai

Yacht Management in Dubai

Our yacht charter in Dubai offers high-quality yacht management services which help luxury yacht owners to properly maintain their investment, control their expenses and identify the most appropriate human capital to confer a maximum profitability. 

Why choose yacht management services in Dubai?

A thorough management is extremely important to confer the functionality of the yacht for rent in Dubai that you own, as well as the compliance with the local maritime and safety regulations.

Our company spares you the troubles which come along with a yacht ownership through offering maintenance, accounting, crewing and compliance management for various yachts of different lengths.

Owning and administering a yacht for rent in Dubai is an extremely complex endeavor. Our management company is made of a team of extremely qualified staff who can provide support and advice for yacht owners and their captains to make sure that their yachts are being well maintained, managed and operated efficiently and properly. 

Management services offered by our company in Dubai

When offering a yacht for rent in Dubai, we can assist you with the following management services for your vessel:

  • Shipping: shipping your vessel from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) has to be effectuated with a certain level of knowledge and by a professional team. We collaborate with some of the most famous shipping companies in the world to offer you a competitive price and service;
  • Finance: an attentive and transparent financial administration of the yachts we manage is a crucial part of our range of services. This is comprised of preparing the yearly budget, monthly accounts, yearly audit, insurance counseling, payments for suppliers, crew salaries, as well as acquiring the necessary goods and services;
  • Safety and security: safety represents a key aspect in operating a yacht. Even though the Middle East is not regulated in the same manner as the other parts of the world, it is, however, necessary to handle the technical management of the yacht with a proper planned maintenance schedule, trained and medically capable crew, a record of all the surveys and a yearly audit of the level of compliance;
  • Other management services: our yacht charter agents in Dubai can provide further information on what these other services are.

If you do not own a yacht but are curious about this type of sailing experience, you can rent a party yacht in Dubai for your next birthday or other celebration. Our party yacht packages are suitable for all types of anniversaries or special events and the size of the yacht is chosen according to the number of guests. You can always reach out to our team to find out more about your boking options.

In case you need a qualified team to manage your yacht in Dubai, please speak to our friendly yacht charter executives in Dubai.