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Visit Dubai Creek on a Yacht Charter in Dubai

Visit Dubai Creek on a Yacht Charter in Dubai

visit to the Dubai Creek on a yacht charter in Dubai will allow you to have a wonderful experience while exploring an astonishing city where the old and most modern architecture and culture blend amazingly.

The activity on the Dubai Creek is quite hectic. Here, you can admire the traditional dhows, luxury yachts, cabin cruisers and abras which are all found in the same water body. It is a spectacular view, worth being seen from a yacht for rent in Dubai.

A few facts on the Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek had a length of around 14 kilometers (approximately 8.7 miles) in the past, however, at the present, it was developed with another 10 kilometers (around 7.6 miles).

The Creek separates greater Dubai into two parts, the Deira side – it is the Northern area mostly renowned for the souks (local markets) which are found here – and the Bur (Old) side of Dubai – a dense residential area where there are live markets and small shops along the residential streets.

The two sides of the Creek have an interesting architectural difference, with the Bur side being the older part of Dubai where you can observe the customary Middle Eastern architecture, and Deira side being more modern and hosting impressive skyscrapers.

Why see the Dubai Creek from a yacht for rent in Dubai?

When you rent a yacht in Dubai to cruise along the Dubai Creek, you will have the chance to see all the wonderful sights of the city, surrounded by luxurious amenities found onboard.

With our yacht charter in Dubai, cruising along the Dubai Creek will be a memorable experience which you will never forget.

While onboard, you can enjoy:

• A stylish welcome on a red carpet;

• An international buffet made after your own preferences and cooked by our famous chefs, with a vegetarian or non-vegetarian option;

• Music while dining;

• Refreshing welcome drinks;

• Unlimited drinks such as juices, tea, coffee and water;

• Arabic dates and clean towels;

• Many more services and amenities on a yacht for rent in Dubai.

If you would like to have an amazing time while cruising along the Dubai Creek with us, we invite you to speak to one of our yacht charter representatives in Dubai to make all the necessary arrangements.

Dubai creek is a popular attraction. If you would like to include this on your itinerary, our team will give you more information about the start and end points for your yacht charter trip. You can always reach out to us if you plan on renting a yacht in Dubai for a special event. Party yacht rental in Dubai is a popular option and our team will give you all the details on how you can celebrate in style.